762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Contributing

There are several ways you can actively participate in this unique project to build a replacement for LYN. You can become a member of the 762 Club by purchasing one or more memberships. Limited to a total of 350, each membership costs 762.00. Details of how to purchase these can be found on the Membership page.

Recognising that 762 can be difficult to commit to in one go, a monthly subscription scheme is also available.

You can also contribute by donating cash through our "Sponsor-a-Component" scheme - a range of components are described, each with a given value. Some will be a single item (one whistle, for example), others will require several of the same item to complete the locomotive. (two pistons, for example) A donation to that value can secure that component for the project, and ensure your that name is recorded as a contributor (or you can give anonymously if you wish). From time to time, the components available will vary, and we will try to offer a range of donation values. See further details on the Sponsorship page.

Regardless of how you are able to participate, a range of Rewards will be made available, depending on the value of your contribution. These will range from prints of works drawings to footplate rides on the first day of operation. See the Rewards page for further details.

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