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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club has introduced this on-line update feature. This page, to be updated at the beginning of each month, will provide brief news snippets and images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest update:

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LYNformation Bulletin No. 2: April 2013

1. Accucraft

Great news from Quality model maker, Accucraft (UK) Limited. Here is part of their press release:

We are extremely grateful for this most generous offer and we hope that we can raise a significant level of money via the sale of our Accucraft model of “LYN”.

2. Boiler News

Andy Bennett reports that he has now received the large flue tubes and the small tubes. He has inserted all of the small tubes and has expanded on end. The flue tubes will be fitted next week and both the flues and the small tubes will be welded in the firebox end. Once this stage has been completed, the boiler can then be “blanked off” and a hydraulic test completed. This is a process where the boiler is filled with water and then hydraulic pressure applied to try and push more water in. The effect is to simulate steam pressure and this hydraulic pressure can be fairly accurately controlled. Our boiler will be tested to twice working pressure which will be to a huge 500 psi. This test will be witnessed by our boiler inspector, and if all OK ( no leaks!), then attention can be turned to the next stage of the boiler construction which will be fitting the regular, building the superheater header and attaching the smokebox.

3. 762 Club goes into retailing!

Lyn becomes all badged up. The 762 Club will soon be going into the retail business. Facing with the task of raising another £200,000 or more in the next three years, the 762 Club has taken the decision to start to produce a small range of quality products which we will make and sell to support the income generation to get “LYN” built. The first item is a really nice beautifully made badge of “LYN”. It is made by Best Badges, and we have written a short press release that will go out later in April when our stock arrives. These badges will be sold via this web site initially at a price of £ 3.99 plus p & P and we will announce through this web site as soon as they are in stock.

Further quality products will be launched during the spring.

4. The Drivers Club

Last month, we indicated that we felt that we needed to look at alternative ways in which we can fund 762 and we will shortly launch a very special new club. Our only ( but biggest) asset is “LYN” herself. What better way to attract extra funds than to allow members to get their hands on the regulator and drive “LYN”. Therefore, we will be introducing a very exclusive and special new Club, called The Drivers Club. Details of the club will be published separately and an introduction will be sent to you all soon.

5. Sponsorship Page

A completely new and extended sponsors page has been created and will go live very soon. This will include the vast majority of parts that are needed to complete “LYN”. Yes, we appreciate it is a long list but then there are a lot of birthdays and Christmas’s coming up that our nearest and dearest need to find things for us! We have taken the approach that it is better to have a wide range of parts with all price brackets available online so that we are giving our members and supporters the maximum opportunity to buy. We have also taken the opportunity to take down those parts which have already been sponsored. Please, if you can, have a look at the list and see if any part catches your fancy!

6. Drawings and design

Mike Nelson and Ian Gaylor have been very busy over the past month. The work this period has concentrated on the motion and valve gear which are now 80% complete as detailed in the recent newsletter notes. The design layouts and calculations are complete including the axle boxes and driving axles and the Design Memorandum for the valve gear and motion has still to be written up although all the data is complete and ready to go. The 3D modelling and manufacturing drawings are progressing well and will be releasing the axle box and driving axle information to Mike for modelling later. We are aiming to have the whole package ready to discuss with Patrick Keef on the 18th April and we can then schedule a formal design review with the Board when we have incorporated any agreed changes to aid manufacturing. Exciting stuff!

7. Parts made this month

The rough machining on the covers has just started.

Photographs of the parts are attached and you can see what a super job Alan Keef is making of machining the necessary parts to make “LYN” become a reality.

8. Press Coverage

As members will notice, we are trying to get “LYN” more in the public domain and hopefully to attract more supporters. Our first press release covering the boiler has been taken by at least two of the leading Railway Magazines, and we are pleased to attach a copy of the release that appeared in the April edition of Heritage Railway. We hope more will come every month from now on.
See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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