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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club has introduced this on-line update feature. This page, to be updated at the beginning of each month, will provide brief news snippets and images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest update.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.5: July 2013

1. Australian Whistle

When I got back from holiday recently, I was delighted to see a heavy looking box on my doorstep, covered in Australian Stamps. The whistle castings had arrived!

Through the generosity of Emile Badawy from the Puffing Billy Railway near Melbourne, we now have most of the castings needed to make a genuine Baldwin whistle. The castings can be machined and with the addition of a whistle valve, we should be able to end up with a Baldwin whistle and pitch which will recreate the whistle sound that “LYN” would have made in 1898. I attach a photograph of the six castings that travelled half way round the world.

2. Alan Keef Limited Open Day

Each year our principal contractor - Alan Keef Limited - stages an open day which acts as a magnet for all narrow gauge enthusiasts from around the country and even from Europe. This year’s event will be held on Saturday 21st September, and the 762 Club will be there offering all of our retail products as well as some of the big “Bits” that have been made by Keef’s over the last few months. We hope to display the Cowcatchers, Chimney, and Smoke Box door as well as most of the cylinder and valve assemblies, wheels and the saddle. Quite a display! For further information, see the Alan Keef website

3. Cowcatchers

These two impressive items are practically finished and very good they look too! These two photographs show the finished assemblies. All that needs to be done to complete them is to rivet them up and paint them with a protective black undercoat. This will be done in the next few weeks and they will be ready to put into store once they have been displayed at both Alan Keef’s and the L&B galas in the Autumn.
Cowcatchers, front view, July 2013 Cowcatchers, three-quarter view, July 2013

4. Front and rear cylinder covers

Four very heavy and important components have been finished from the cylinder assemblies. These are the front and rear cylinder covers. I attach two photographs of these parts but sadly they do not give justice to the complexity and weight of the components. They are VERY heavy and were beyond me to lift the rear covers. Incorporated into the rear covers are the slide bar end supports and from these comes the whole motion assembly. We hope that the motion drawings will be released soon, so that we can make a start in making the 80 odd parts that make up the motion. It is also the single most expensive part of the engine remaining, so we will need to further increase our fundraising efforts going into 2014.

5. Superheater Header

Much work has been going on to ease the construction of the superheater header. Originally it was going to be a fabrication. Then, it was felt that maybe a casting might be preferable. Now a different solution has been agreed, and I quote from Mike Nelson’s account of the thinking to the solution.

“The design has moved beyond castings. I have managed to significantly simplify the design (see my blog) in a number of areas. The welding has been much reduced and the design has been approved by the insurance inspector (Bob) The main parts of the header are now machined from boilerplate, plasma cut to the outside shape and the inside CNC machined. I have talked to the company supplying the parts and provided them with DXF files that have made possible a very attractive price. Andy seems very happy!!

Also improved but not yet shown on the web page is the clamping of the superheater tube ball ends to the header this is now much improved and the parts are now simple to machine. I have also tweaked the dimensions to make assembling the superheater tubes into the flue tubes easier which addresses one of Andy’s worries.

The superheater tube bending has also been simplified and I have been in contact with the company who are doing the bending and they are much happier.

I would expect that Andy now has all he needs to get started on the manufacture.”

6. “LYN” Retail

I am pleased to say that some members and supporters have taken advantage of the 762 Shop and we have had several orders come through for the excellent quality merchandise we have on offer. Can I urge you all to have a look at the web site and see if you would like to buy one of the prints or cards or badges we have on offer? Every penny goes to fund 762 “LYN” and we have plenty of stock on offer. We will be adding a further new card to our offering before the September Galas, but please buy now!

7. Drawings and chronology

Our design team of Ian Gaylor and Mike Nelson continue to do excellent work in designing and modelling “LYN” ready for parts to be manufactured. However, sometimes for very good reasons, we need to change the chronology of the build to get a part or component drawn “out of sequence”.

Recently, we have had to juggle with a whole host of conflicting demands on Mike and Ian all at the same time. On the boiler front, we needed a significant rethink of the superheader header, whilst at the same time undertaking a similar project on the reverser assembly in the cab. Throw in an offer to make the water tanks and bunker necessitating these drawings being done in a hurry as well as the release of the motion drawings means that they have been very busy recently and have been pulled here, there and everywhere.

Broadly, the next three projects to be completed will be:

  1. Coal Bunker
  2. Motion
  3. Reverser assembly

8. Machining Capabilities

Calling all engineers. We will soon be releasing many drawings for the motion which need to be made. We hope that we can get some of these parts machined for us, either by us free issuing the material for firms to machine parts or maybe getting the parts made completely for free. Obviously, we cannot expect firms to make many parts for nothing but we are starting to collect a list of potential sponsoring firms and as importantly, what equipment they have so that we can try and match up capabilities with the part demands. If you are an engineer, or work for an engineering company, or know of an engineering firm who might machine parts for us, particularly if they have CNC equipment that can “talk” to SolidWorks, I would be very pleased to hear from you. My e-mail contact for this project is peterbest@spslimited.co.uk

9. Wheels

News comes from the Casting Foundary that they will soon be casting the remaining three driving wheels and three pony truck wheels. Originally, these were going to be cast in two batches, but the foundry now advise us that they will be cast in one lot. Each driving wheel is almost one ton in weight and it takes a full crucible to cast each wheel. The foundry can do two “pours” per day, so just to do our order will take three full days of production.

Once the wheels are cast, they will be machined in Sheffield and then transported back to Ross–on-Wye. If all goes well, we should receive the wheels back in time to display them at Alan Keef’s Open day on 21st September.

10. Saddle

This big section has been delayed many times over the last 6 months, but it looks like there is an end in sight. The assembly has been heat treated and although mainly satisfactory, there was a shrinkage across the saddle assembly that meant that the faces onto which the cylinders bolt were not true.

The first idea was that they should be built up with weld and then machined true. Our design team did not like this route and have decided to accept the saddle as it is and make the adjustments on the cylinder face instead. This means that the saddle now only needs some final surface work doing on it and will be transported back to Alan Keef’s in time for their Gala Open day on 21st September.

image 1, July 2013 image 2, July 2013 image 3, July 2013

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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