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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club has introduced this on-line update feature. This page, to be updated at the beginning of each month, will provide brief news snippets and images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest update.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.6: August 2013

1. Cab and Cab Floor

As a result a substantial redesign to the reverser arrangement, we noted that there is a need to modify the cab in a number of areas to fit the locomotive, and a decision was needed as to whether to fit a wooden cab floor - which can be seen in photos of Lyn - below the bottom edge of the lower cab doors, or incorporate a steel floor into the design.

Cab modifications required include:

If a wooden cab floor is fitted this scales from the photos at about 40mm thick and the suggestion was that it is constructed from 25mm thick planks mounted above 15mm thick battens (for resilience) standing on a plain steel footplate. The edges of the floor would be single pieces 40mm thick at the doorways so that the battening is concealed and the floor would be shaped to clear the boiler, reverser, and the bunker shovelling plate. The shovel plate area in front of the bunker aperture needs to be plain steel to enable easy shovelling of the coal and by cutting the floor away to expose the steel plate beneath this is accommodated while at the same time providing an edge to hopefully restrain the tendency for coal to gradually shake out of the bunker all over the footplate. It was suggested that this aperture in the floor is edged with a steel strip to prevent mechanical damage while picking up coal with the shovel blade.

Providing the reduction in headroom due to the thickness of the floor is still deemed satisfactory the addition of the floor should enhance crew comfort and is of course prototypical. Alternatively we could simply fit a chequer plate footplate to provide grip for the crews when working and fit a plain steel floor to the bunker coal space and extend this to form the shovelling plate within the cab and provide a low steel rim around the edge to restrain the movement of coal.

As a result of the need for an early decision, in order to complete the bunker design and associated manufacturing drawings, the design team were instructed to make the cab floor in wood as described above.

2. Smokebox Door Flange

With regard to the smokebox door ring which came up in discussion, we just wanted to confirm that this is welded to the smokebox tube but is fitted with dummy bolt heads for appearance sake, as this was felt to be less work and hold a better smokebox vacuum.

3. Saddle

Alan Keef have left a selection of emails and messages with James the sub-contractor. He says that he will complete the saddle by the second week of September, which will enable us to display it at the Open Day. He assured me that the machine was booked to do the machining within this timeframe. Keef’s have subsequently confirmed this arrangement by email and given him the option of handing the whole thing back to them as far as he has taken it, and they will finish it.

4. Cylinders

We have received a quotation from Frost's in Norwich to cover the full manufacture of these. This is fairly daunting and well over budget, and we need to discuss this when the design team next meet.

5. Cowcatchers

Both are now completed and fully riveted up.

6. Smokebox

The smokebox is ready to be fitted and will be attached to the boiler when we see it at the L&B Gala on 28th/29th September.

7. Smokebox Door

Manufacture is in progress with our subcontractor. We should also be able to show this at the Gala.

8. Chimney

The Chimney tube is expected at Alan Keef’s soon and they have approached Israel Newton to make a correct forged base, as it was felt that a fabricated base wouldn't have looked right. This may delay the final chimney assembly by a few weeks, but should delay the overal delivery.

9. Smokebox door components

The handles and dart are completed. Also the smokebox dart bar has been completed. Dogs etc. are in progress and will be finished by the end of August.

10. Piston and Valve Glands

The patterns and castings are on order, due with Alan Keef in early September.

11. Boiler

The boiler is now essentially finished, and Bennett’s Boilers have passed on to the 762 Club the paperwork covering the boiler. Now Andy Bennett has bought and had delivered the crinoline onto which the boiler cladding is to be fitted. This is being fitted now.

12. Superheater Header

After much debate and reworking of drawings and manufacturing techniques, the Superheater header design and process has been agreed upon and work has started on the construction. At the same time, care and attention has been given to how to fit the header to the tubeplate flange and also to allow enough space for the elements to be fitted comfortably. Again, a method has been agreed by all parties and it is expected that the header will be finished just before or just after the boiler stars at the L&B Autumn Gala at Woody Bay on 28th and 29th September.

13. Superheater Elements

Good news is that all of the material has now been delivered to Bennett’s Boilers, so that once the header is complete and installed, then work will begin on the elements.

14. Tanks and Bunker

Great news on this front as our design team have completed the drawings, with the Coal Bunker being released just yesterday 9th August. This means that these three major items have fully released manufacturing drawings. We can now approach potential manufacturers to make them. We have our fingers crossed that we may have some excellent news to impart to our members and friends of the “LYN” project very soon. After a brief holiday, our design team will soon be releasing drawings for quotation for the motion.

15. Whistle

I am pleased to report that we have found a machinist to convert the castings into a finished Whistle and the items will be delivered to John Hancock on 21st August. It will be a “slow time” job, as we will not need the whistle for a year or two.

No pictures yet for this month, but I'll try to post some in the next week or so,

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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