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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club has introduced this on-line update feature. This page, to be updated at the beginning of each month, will provide brief news snippets and images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest update.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.7: September 2013

Event news:

Dates for your diary 1

Saturday 21st September is Alan Keef and Sons annual open day. There will be four engines in steam on two different gauges. The 762 Club will be displaying the parts currently made and will have our small sales stand there. Keef’s works are located at Lea, close to Ross-on-Wye on the A40 to Gloucester.

Dates for your diary 2

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September is the Lynton and Barnstaple Autumn Gala. Along with all the usual excellent displays, the 762 Club will be showing off our new boiler! There will also be other significant parts to show members, supporters and visitors alike the good progress that has been made over the past six months.

Boiler News:

1. Smokebox

Andy Bennett, our boiler maker, has cut the two holes in the smokebox to fit the saddle and chimney. This was not part of his brief or order, but was done following discussions with the design team.

Now Andy has done this, he also has made and fitted the strengthening plate between the smokebox bottom and the saddle. This is now fitted.

Andy has fitted the ring between the smokebox and the barrel and all that needs to be done is the smokebox to be fitted to the barrel. This will be done next week. It will be permanently fitted now.

2. Smokebox front ring

This has been fitted and welded on. Andy needed to fit a series of strengthening gussets between the angle to give it rigidity. ( about 20 in all ). These are all in.

3. Crinoline supports

Andy has marked these off and welded the first 6 in place. He has the material to make the crinoline and has been in discussion with Mike to simplify the assembly. All of the support lugs will be completed within the next week or two but none of the crinoline will be fitted for the gala as the risk of damage during the transporting is not worth the risk.

4. Painting

Andy will apply two coats of red oxide primer prior to the boiler being transported. This will cost us £250 over and above his original quote.

5. Header

Andy expects the header parts to be delivered back within the next week or two after machining. He will then weld it up and then it will be heat treated. The boiler inspector will require it ultrasonically tested ( an extra cost of about £ 300 ).

Once this has been successfully passed, then he can fit the header and start making the superheater elements.

6. Superheater elements

Andy has all of the material to make these in stock now.

7. Boiler fittings

We have recently ordered the safety valves & gauge frames, and Andy will test fit, tap any holes and make sure there are no issues. These will then be put into storage until required.

8. Blow Down Valve

Andy is authoris to make a flange adaptor to fit the blow down valve. This will be an extra cost. Once the flange adaptor is made, the the adaptor and blow down valve will be securely stored until required.

9. Regulator

Andy will then fit the regulator which he has had for several months.

Engine news:

1. Saddle

This assembly is still due to be delivered to Keef’s by the second week of September ready for their Gala.

2. Cowcatcher

All finished and primed. See photographs.
Cowcatchers, ready to mount, P Best, September 2013  Cowcatchers, close-up view, P Best, September 2013  Cowcatchers, side view, P Best, September 2013

3. Smokebox door

Still on track to be at Keef’s gala.

4. Smokebox door ancillary items

Finished. See photographs.
Patrick Keef holding the smokebox door bar and some of the other ancillary parts, P Best, September 2013  Smokebox door dart and door-tightening handles, P Best, September 2013

5. Chimney

Still on course to be ready for Alan Keef’s gala - has been subcontracted to Israel Newton.

6. Wheels

Not quite such good news. We currently have three driving wheels and one pony wheel. We are disappointed with the progress of the foundry and we are chasing them to get the final driving wheel cast. Once all four driving wheels are cast, then they can machined.

more news next month, Peter Best.

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