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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.13: February 2014


1. Driver Instruction Plate

Now we are closing in on the build, we need to think about the cab layout and method of operation for the locomotive. Ian Gaylor, our head designer, has drawn up a plate to fit inside of the cab to give drivers clear instructions on how to handle the locomotive's reverser. We will have this plate cast in a traditional brass lettering which will be in keeping with LYN's Victorian appearance. This part may well appear on a future Component of the Month once we have had a firm quote.
LYN - Driver's Instruction plate 

2. Driving Wheels

These were safely delivered to Alan Keef's recently and have been fully machined. They will be stored for a few weeks in there nice shrink wrapped packaging until they will be needed. I attach a photo of them, but they don't look that special, do they!! Anyway, they will soon have the axle fitted between them, and we will soon have our very own driving wheel sets.
LYN - Driving wheels in transit 

3. Axles and Axle Boxes

The works order has been issued to Alan Keef's to make the axles, crank pins and axle boxes. This is a very critical part of the loco and starts the whole geometry of the engine. The full driving wheelsets will be finished by 10th May and they will be transported to Woody Bay for the centrepiece of the 762 Club stand at the L&B Gala. The cost of this section of work is a little over 21,000, so we need to fundraise hard over the next few months in order to refill the coffers.

4. Superheater Element

Down at Highbridge, Alan Bennett is finishing off work on the boiler. The actual boiler is finished and Andy now is making the superheater elements.

Once finished, they will be fitted to the superheater manifold and the job will be finished. We will probably ask Andy Bennett to quote for the ash pan frame, which would be sensible whilst Andy has the boiler with him down in Highbridge.

5. Brake System Layout

After some very interesting discussion between ourselves and Colin Tickle, CME of the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway and a railway brake expert, we have agreed to use a joint steam and vacuum brake system. Now we have agreed on the schematic layout for the brake system, we can start locating the necessary components.

We have ordered a "number six Gresham and Craven gradable steam brake valve", and this expensive piece of kit will be ready by May - possibly in time for the Gala. We also have the driver's vacuum brake valve and the duplex vacuum gauge. A good start, but lots of other pieces will be needed as shown on the parts list.

LYN - Brake system components list  LYN - Brake system configuration diagram 

6. Drawing and design Progress Chart

Ian Gaylor and Mike Nelson have revised their current work and issued a new chart showing how much (or how little) they still have to do. Very impressive, boys!
LYN - Design Progress Chart 

Regards, Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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