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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.15: April 2014

Hello All,
Just 20 months to go now!!
What a great month for LYN! This month's LYNformation is packed with loads of great stories. Just read on!

1. Cylinder Cover tops

Here are two images of the patterns that Brian Lloyd has completed. Donít they look fantastic! I collected them last week and will move them to Alan Keef's soon for casting. They are now ready to cast but we may wait until we have another part and then do them together. Thank you SO much Brian.

2. The Bunker is finished!

Really exciting news is that the coal bunker has been completed and finished in under coat. This big chunk of LYN makes a great statement and WILL be at the Lynton and Barnstaple Gala on 10th and 11th of May before going into store at Keefís works in Ross. Photos and greater description next month, but as a sneak preview, here it is!

3. Painting

As more metal is cut and parts become finished, attention has been made to getting the image of LYN just right. Therefore, we have gone to the Oracle for guidance! Many of our readers will be familiar with the brilliant book, Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Measured and Drawn by Stephen D. Phillips. It is a masterpiece and covers rolling stock, buildings and structures. Stephen has kindly agreed to advise us of the correct livery. We decided some time ago that it will be finished in post 1929 Southern Railway Livery, and jolly smart it will look too.

4. Feedwater System

The schematic system for the feedwater system is quite simple. Basically, the water is channelled from the tanks and is piped through a 1" steel pipe, via 2 combined shut off valves and ball valves to the two injectors.


Thankfully, we found a great plumbing supply company - Altecnic - to provide the valves free. Here is a photograph of the valves. Included in the photograph are some valves that will be used elsewhere in the pipework.

Thanks you very much, Altecnic!

5. Lifting Links

Here is another brilliant photograph of the lifting links, brand new and gleaming!

These big important parts of the valve gear have been made free of charge by John Guest Limited. John Guest are world leaders in plastic and brass renewable fittings.


Another huge thank you to John Guest Limited for making these parts for us.

6. Chimney

Good news in that the chimney assembly is now fully complete. We show two images of the finished article. Most of the parts had been completed last autumn but we were waiting for the complex casting of the double radius smokebox plate. This was made by Israel Newton and was recently delivered. This has allowed Alan Keef to complete the assembly and here it is in all its glory. We will be bringing the chimney with us to the L&B Gala on 10th and 11th May, so come along and view it.


7. Wheels

Here is a good photograph of the four driving wheels. They have now been cast and machined. For eagle-eyed supporters, you will see two rings machined into the outer flange of the wheels. This is the Porta system for adding greater adhesion by providing a grease and grime fling ring. Basically, when the wheel encounters moisture, grease etc. on the rail head, it will be flung outwards via the groove and should assist the wheel gaining maximum contact with the rail to give the most grip possible. Clever, eh!


8. Saddle

Whilst you will have seen the saddle before, I have taken the opportunity of putting these two images in this month's LYNformation. The saddle parts went back to the fabricator for a few extra bits to be done, and are now back for good. The only remaining work is for holes to be drilled in the flange through the smokebox. This will be done when the boiler is assembled to the frames and saddle.


Now, we turn to events down at Andy Bennett's works at Highbridge:

9. Safety Valve

Here is an image of the dome cover with one of the safety valves fitted and one of the specially made adaptors fitted ready to take the second valve. They were both test fitted and deemed to be good. The dome cover will be fitted to the dome but the safety valves will be removed for safe keeping.


10. Gauge Frame

We bought the gauge frames some months ago, but only now did we have a chance to fit them. As you can see, they are of a very traditional style and look the part. We had previously been given two very nice gauge frame protectors which we had hoped would fit nicely on 'LYN'. Sadly, they are about 3/4" too big, and although we could modify them, the cost would be about equal to buying new ones. So we will try and sell the old ones. They will be available for sale at the Woody Bay Gala in May, for £50 each.


11. Superheaters

They are now all fitted and in place! Please excuse the poor photographs, but it's not easy to get the exposure right. This virtually completes the work contracted to Bennett's boilers and next month will be the last news update from Highbridge.


Phew! Quite a busy month for 'LYN', and April also looks like much will be happening. Just as a final picture, I am pleased to add a photograph of one of 'LYN's' cousins from Australia. This is 8A at Belgrave on the brilliant Puffing Billy Railway close to Melbourne. With your help (and a few more members) we could have 'LYN' in steam in December 2015.


Keep up the good work.

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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