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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.18: July 2014

Just 17 months to go!

Welcome to LYNformation 18 and the latest news of progress:

1. Coupling Rods

With two rods most generously sponsored recently, we have started work making these vital and large components. I am pleased to attach the main drawing (A3-LYN-043) for the coupling rods which shows a breakdown of all of the parts that go into making these assemblies. There are 22 individual parts, but some of these include the fastenings. We already have the bearings and bolts thanks to the most generous response to our "Bearings, Bars and Bolts" appeal. Now with the funding in place, we can make the actual rods. To get them to the correct size, we have bought a large slab of special steel from which we can rough cut the 4 main rods. Then we send them to our water jet cutter, who will cut the rods to more or less the exact shape and insert the necessary holes. This is all done by a very clever, advanced water jet cutting machine that will take our solidworks file and cut it to within 0.5 mm. There will be a little bit of final machining to tap the screw holes etc., but then we need to make the bearing clamp plates, spacing and seal rings. With luck, you will be able to see the finished rods at the next L&B Gala in September. Each rod weighs in at 38 kilos.

2. Vacuum System Schematic

We are pleased to have made more progress with the brake schematic recently, and some of the components will be featured further in LYNformation. However, we are now looking at the last two 'big' parts, which are the ejector and steam brake cylinder. We very much hope we can find these two components already made, or at least already designed and with patterns for. I will be visiting our friends on the Ffestiniog Railway during August to discuss whether the steam brake cylinder they use on their Fairlies can be adapted. Similarly, they have an ejector design which may be suitable. It would save a lot of time and effort if we could buy these items off-the-shelf, especially as we know what performance to expect. These are parts 5 and 17 on the schematic.

3. Firehole Door

We have recently placed an order with Andy Bennett of Bennett's Boiler for the fire hole door. This assembly, shown in drawing A3-LYN-015, is quite complex and has some ingenious features that have been designed in by Ian Gaylor and Mike Nelson. You will see a series of air jets that can be adjusted to give specific air flow into the firebox by the use of more or less air over the fire by regulating the opening of these air jets. The fireman will be able to regulate the amount of top air that he allows over the fire, maximising the efficiency of the fire and allowing him even more control of his fire.

This assembly is scheduled to be delivered by April 2015 at a cost of 3,800.

4. Stand up and take a bow, Brian Lloyd, Part One

Regular readers of LYNformation will recall that Brian Lloyd is our pattern maker extraordinaire. Now Brian has finished off the pattern for the Swan Neck bend on the Vacuum pipework. Have a look at item 1 on the Vacuum and Steam Brake schematic. Not only has Brian made a pattern which will be used for all vacuum braked stock on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, but has arranged with the Foundry to make and cast two 'special' swan necks just for LYN. I am delighted to have a photograph of these specials. Have a careful look and you will see he has arranged to have the name LYN cast into them. What a fabulous touch! On one side of the casting, he has put 'L&B' and on the other, 'LYN'.

5. Vacuum Reservoir

We have recently taken delivery of our Vacuum reservoir. This component can be viewed on the schematic - look for part number 7. This has been purchased from T and G Automotive. They are one of world's largest producers of air receivers for commercial vehicles, but our design team spotted that we can convert one of their standard products to act as our vacuum reservoir and with a very generous reduced price offered by T&G, we now have a very nice shiny new reservoir.

6. Bearings, Bars and Bolts Appeal

Thank you very much to all those who have supported this appeal. It has raised over 3,200 and allowed us to buy all the roller bearings we need from SKF. all of these are now paid for and in stock.

It has also allowed us to buy ALL of the fastenings and bolts for the motion and valve gear. Finally, as you have read, we now have the pattern and money to have all of our firebars cast. A huge thank you! We will now close the appeal, but as you have guessed, there will be another one in the New Year.

7. Stand up and take a bow, Brian Lloyd, Part Two

Many members have supported the Bearings, Bars and Bolts campaign mentioned above, and one of the fruits of this appeal is the fire bar pattern. The drawing was recently released by Mike Nelson and in no time at all, Brian Lloyd has produced a pattern which we will use to cast our bars. We need 50 cast, enough for a full set of bars and a few spares. Firebars are consumables and do not last all that long, so this pattern will be used many times. The bars are quite small, measuring only 18 1/2" or 467 mm in length. Now, I expected a nice well finished pattern up to Brian's usual standard. What I did not expect was the very nice touch that has been incorporated. Look carefully, and you will see he has added 'LYN' to the pattern. Thank you so much, Brian.

8. Air Exhaust Filters

Also on the Vacuum and Steam Brake schematic, you will see two items marked up as numbers 12 and 18. These are actually air exhaust filters, but we use them as vacuum filters. Again, we have adopted a modern, high volume part and will adapt them for our own use. In this case, these Canadian-made filters have NPT threads, which will need to be converted to screw into a female BSP thread. These vacuum filters prevent muck and ash going into the vacuum system when the driver needs to manually release vacuum. Not so expensive, but very necessary and another two parts ticked off the list.

9. Special Operating Notice

We have received from Procast the special operating notice which will be placed in the cab giving instructions to the Drivers for operating the reversing screw when the locomotive is in drift mode. This allows the correct lubrication of valves and pistons, as well as reducing wear on the motion. A small part, but important.

10. Rocking Shaft Assembly

We have just placed a new and complex order. It is for the Valve Gear Rocking Shaft Assembly, A3-LYN-046.

This a large, heavy and very important part of the valve gear. Basically, it transmits the valve events from the outside of the engine to the inside valve gear. There are two assemblies, one for the left and one for the right. Each assembly consists of 30 items and weighs in at 53.32 kg! The order has been placed with Longshore Systems Engineers of Delabole, Cornwall. Delivery is scheduled for the end of September. More encouraging progress.


11. Valve Gear and Motion

Progress is on target to have all of the valve gear and motion finished by the end of the year. About 60% of the components have been ordered now, but there are quite a lot still to be sourced. It is machining capacity that we are short of, so if anyone knows of a friendly precision engineering firm who would undertake some parts for us, please let me know.

Well that's about it until next month!

Please have a look at the Component of the Month. It may be just the thing you want to sponsor, and this month, you'll get two for the price of one!

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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