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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.19: August 2014

Just 16 months to go!

Welcome to LYNformation 19 and the latest news of progress - a little less this month, as several suppliers have other projects to work on, but there is still plenty to see:

1. Ejector

We will require an ejector to create the vacuum for our braking system. This is more or less the reverse of an injector, and a steam jet is used to suck air out of the brake system and exhaust it up through the chimney.

In order to create sufficient 'suck', Ian Gaylor has calculated the specifications for the ejector required, and we hope to be able to source an existing design.

One such may be available from the Ffestiniog Railway and attached is a drawing of the type we will require. This part will definitely feature in a future Component of the Month once we have selected our source and have got a price firmed up.


2. Casting One: Cylinder top covers

Regular LYNformation readers will recall that we have had a beautiful pattern made for the cylinder cover tops by Brian Lloyd. We are having these tops cast by Stroud-based Foundry, D.M. Foundries Ltd. Here are four images of the casts being prepared for the metal pour. They were completed just before D.M. Foundries' annual holiday and will be cast in the week beginning 11th August ready to be collected a week later. It is a very hot process, and when I took these photos, the temperature was a stifling 100 °F in the workshop! We should have two very dramatic lumps of metal soon.

3. Castings Two: Firebars

In last month's LYNformation, we saw the pattern completed to cast the firebars. Now this pattern has been passed over to Andrew Semple who will cast the 50 bars we need to complete the grate, as well as having some spare. These are being funded directly from our recent and very successful 'Bearings, bolts and Bars' appeal.

Andrew also works as a commentator for various traction rallies around the South Midlands, and on Sunday 27th July, the pattern was moved by steam from the author's home to the South Cerney Rally. The engine is a 1910 Garrett, named 'Mercury'. Is this the first part of 'LYN' to have been transported by Steam!?


4. Footplate tools

As something of a diversion from the very technical work that Ian Gaylor and Mike Nelson are doing at the moment to complete the pony truck design and drawings, two small drawings were produced for the pricker and ash shovel. These two blacksmith-made tools are very important for the fireman, they are the primary tools used to remove clinker and ash from the firebox, as well as to break up clinker that might have formed (although with the amount of control that the fireman has in directing his air-flow both above and below the fire bed, we hope that much clinker will be prevented from forming).

Nevertheless, fire irons will be needed and now that we have the drawings, we are able to seek quotations.


5. Steam Brake Lubricator

We recently took delivery of the steam brake lubricator. This part - which sits between the steam brake and the steam cylinder - has been made for us by Barry Gambles of South Coast Steam. Another part ticked off the list!

6. Gauge Frame Protectors (1)

We have now taken delivery of our new gauge frame protectors. They have been made for us by Chanter Biomed who also made our gauge frames. They are of a traditional design and will look very good on 'LYN'. With the arrival of the gauge frame protectors, we have more or less completed the purchase of cab fittings, bar the main steam manifold.

7. Gauge Frame Protectors (2)

Some years ago, we were given a pair of gauge frame protectors that had come from an unidentified Industrial tank locomotive for possible use on 'LYN'. Sadly, they proved to be a little too large for our needs, and the cost of modifying them was equal to buying new ones. Therefore we have a unique opportunity to sell the larger pair.

They will be on display at the Alan Keef open day on 20th September and also at the L&BR Autumn Gala on 27th and 28th September, but if anyone would like to make an offer before then, we will be quite happy to sell them now! All of the proceeds will go to building 'LYN'.


8. Spark Arrestor

The drawings for the spark arrestor assembly have now been released for manufacturer. These are A3-LYN-025 and 026. Basically, they are a steel frame, top and bottom, with a stainless steel mesh shield to prevent sparks escaping the chimney and potentially setting the line side on fire.They are based on the latest thinking and are not dissimilar to the latest BR Standard design. We think we have a sponsor for these parts and hopefully, I will have more news on this next month.

9. Cross Heads

A3-LYN-055 This important and heavy assembly is now being worked on. The order has been given to buy the material ( 702 each, just for the material!!!). Initially, they will be rough cut using water jet technology, before they will be machined. Some of the smaller parts for the cross head assemblies have already been made or are being made, so we hope to have the full cross head assembly finished by the end of the year.

10. Christmas Cards

762 Club 2014 Christmas cards are now available - just thing you need to send to friends, colleagues and L&B supporters worldwide! This year's card depicts LYN and a train crossing Chelfham Viaduct in the snow. Painted by Eric Leslie and generously donated for our use, it is a lovely and evocative image. Each card comes with an envelope, sealed in a cellophane pouch. Cards are priced at 1 (plus 0.80 P+P) each, or 6 for 5.00 (plus 0.80P+P). These can be ordered from 762 Club shop, HERE
762 Club 2014 Christmas Card 762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card

Well that's about it until next month!

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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