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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.21: October 2014

Hello everyone. We are now a mere 14 months from the planned completion date. It is becoming a bit scary but we have made great strides this month and there's lots to report.

1. VERY big news

. I am really pleased to announce that we have secured a really FANTASTIC offer to have our frames made for us!

Our friends at Babcock International in Appledore have agreed to make our frames and even to assemble them if required. This hugely generous offer will make a massive difference to our cashflow and progress to make LYN by the end of 2015. Now we have to get the drawings complete by the end of 2014, so that Babcocks can start cutting the metal in the first two months of 2015.

2. Cylinders

Over in Norfolk, Robert Frost and Sons are making good progress making the cylinders. I am pleased to show two images of the construction. The valve liners will shortly be frozen in, and the whole assembly welded together. Expect to see further images of this assembly in the next LYNformation.

3. Firing irons

Now a bit of bling! Ian Gaylor has designed two special firing irons and these were sponsored by one of our members. Whilst they will not be used in action for a little while now, at least we have them ready! And very fine they look, too.

4. Coupling and Connecting Rods

These very big lumps now actually exist. They were waterjet-cut by Luffman Engineering, and shown below are two images of the basic shape of the rods. All four rods were cut at the same time and they came from a piece of steel 2 metres by 750 mm. A very big sheet! Luffmans cut them for us at a very competitive rate and we will be able to make some smaller parts from the offcuts. The rods were then taken to the Bideford firm of Whiteland Engineering who will be machining them, and they may actually be finished as we speak. These are very significant items for LYN and a real statement of intent.

5. Blast Pipe and Kordina

As previously hinted, we are delighted to announce that the Wiltshire based firm of ALTEX have taken on the manufacture of the spark arrestor assembly free of charge.

This important assembly comes in two halves and protects the lineside from hot ash and embers being ejected from the blast pipe. The construction is a steel frame with stainless steel mesh tacked to it. They need to be removable and rugged. Once the spark arrestor is complete, the only thing remaining in the smokebox is the main steam pipes, which cannot be installed until boiler and frames are united.


6. Slide Bars

The metal to make the slide bars was purchased and delivered to Whiteland Engineering for machining and grinding. We hope to have these completed within the next few weeks and as we have most of the smaller bits that go into the assembly, the finished slide bars should be ready in time for the cylinders to be delivered.

7. Alan Keef Open Day

This was held on Saturday 20th September, on a fine sunny Autumn day - once the early morning mizzle had cleared. It was very well attended with over 500 visitors coming througfh the gates. The 762 Club had a small sales stand and I was pleased to describe to members and non-members alike the progress on LYN, and to sell some of our excellent new Christmas Cards and other retail products. We recruited a new member and overall raised over 1000 towards LYN.

8. Firebars

We now have a set of 50 firebars for LYN. Ultimately we will have some spares cast as well, but we now have all we need to fill the grate. Appropriately, the image shows the bars on a pallet under LYN's boiler.

A big thank you to Brian Lloyd for making the pattern and to Andrew Semple for arranging the casting. They look good.


9. Lynton and Barnstaple Autumn Gala

This was held on the 27th and 28th September in good weather. The star attraction was LYD hauling the three original coaches. I was not there, but apparently it looked brilliant.

Even better news was that we signed up five new members and several existing members took out further membership. The final figures are being worked out, but it looks like we took over 8,000 at this event. Great news and thank you all.

10. Design Review Meeting

Wednesday the 15th October is the date for an important and maybe final design review meeting. These occur every nine months or so, and involve not only the design team but the manufacturing contractor plus our independent surveyor. This next one may be the final one as the final large assemblies - the pony trucks, brakes and frames - are all well on their way to completion and this meeting is intended to put the broad design concept to bed. After agreement, the next emphasis will be on completing the manufacturing drawing, so that we can get them made. The early months of 2015 will be expensive for the 762 Club, and our cash flow will be stretched, but so far, we have keep pace with the money demands.

11. Reverser Chassis

As already mentioned, we are well into the reverser stand now and orders have been placed with several suppliers for bought in parts. All of the handles were snapped up from the sponsors page recently and here they are!

12. Steam Brake Valve

We have taken receipt this month of our Gresham and Craven number 6 Gradable steam brake. It is a fantastic piece of kit, beautifully machined and assembled by Kestrel Engineering of Gloucester using patterns supplied by Railway Casting and Forging.

This is a 3,000 piece of kit but looking at the complexity and machining, it seems quite a reasonable price. It will make driving LYN easier, especially when working light engine.


13. Fly Cranks and Crank Pins

Another huge and costly set of components are the fly cranks and crank pins. These are now all ready for assembly onto the driving wheelsets, and the final parts are due to be delivered in the first week of October to allow the final and complex assembly of LYN's driving wheelsets. I cannot wait to see the finished assemblies which, once complete, will allow us to move onto the pony truck wheelsets.

14. Cross Heads

We have also just bought the material for the cross heads. It is a slab of high specification steel weighing in at a massive 256 kilos. The nature of the components is that we will end up with just 90 kilo's - the rest will end up on the machinist's floor!

The first stage of the process is that they will be water jet cut and we are very fortunate to have received an offer to have these cut for free by a Plymouth firm, Cutlass Mechanical Engineering. This will save us over 600, so a big thank you to Cutlass. The steel has just been delivered to them, so we should have the cut cross heads by the end of October. We will then need to find a firm to machine them.

Reverser Components - Bevel Gears

Finally, back to the Reverser assembly

Here are three of the bevel gears that we have bought. You can sponsor these as they are on the website sponsorship page.


That is quite enough for now and concludes probably the busiest LYNformation to date.

Remember to take a look at the Component of the Month, and there are still some Christmas Cards available!

762 Club 2014 Christmas Card 762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card762 Club 2014 Christmas Card
Thank you all so much for your continued support and hopefully we have more exciting news next month as well.

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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