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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.22: November 2014

Hello again,

Now only 13 months to go, and the pace is quickening!

Here is another action-packed LYNformation, giving all of the latest news on this exciting recreation of Baldwin 762 LYN.

1. Cylinders

In Norfolk at the firm of F.W.Frost, lots more metal has been cut, milled, machined and fabricated.

I am pleased to post this series of six new photographs of the steam chest, valve cylinders, steam cylinders and other parts that make up the complete cylinder assembly. We are promised that the cylinder block will be delivered to Alan Keef by the end of February - just in time to match up with the frames. This is one of the single most expensive parts of the engine and you can see why!!


2. Cylinder Top Cover

Readers will recall that 762 Club supporter Brian Lloyd made the large patterns for these items some months ago. Well, now we are pleased to say that they have been successfully cast and these two large albeit fairly cosmetic items are ready. They weigh some 23 kilos each and sit on top of the cylinder block. They have been designed to look like the original LYN and have anti-slip tops cast into them. This is because the fireman will use this part to stand on to access the tanks when refilling the water tanks. These have been expertly cast by Stroud firm D.M.Foundries. They did them at cost, so a big thanks to Andy Morris and his team for this very generous assistance.

3. Design Review Meeting

Every six months or so, the project management team get together with the design team to discuss and approve the latest part of LYN's design. We had what will probably be our penultimate meeting on 15th October, when the design team (Mike Nelson and Ian Gaylor) met with the manufacturing team from Alan Keef (Patrick Keef and Phil Kent) in the presence of 762 Club Directors (Peter Best and Peter Miles) and under the watchful eyes of our independent consultant, John Scott. As usual, we covered a lot of ground and I thought you would like to read what was agreed:
Design Review Meeting Minutes

Date: 15.10.14.

Venue: Cambridge

Attendees: Peter Miles, Peter Best, Patrick Keef, Phil Kent, Ian Gaylor, Mike Nelson, John Scott,


The following items were discussed and actions agreed (action responsibilites not shown):

  1. The front pony truck design and initial concept layout of the rear pony truck were approved.
  2. The design team were given a free hand in the design of the braking layout when this is designed in the near future.
  3. The pony truck wheel set manufacturing drawings are to be checked and released for manufacture.
  4. Manufacturing drawings for the front and rear pony truck frame fabrications are to be prepared for manufacture.
  5. Manufacturing drawings for the front and rear pony truck equalising beams are to be prepared for manufacture.
  6. The smoke box brace component drawings are to be prepared for manufacture.
  7. The dome and sand box cover component drawings are to be prepared for manufacture.
  8. Revised balance pipe arrangement to be included in the mainframe design as per design layout.
  9. Information required to update boiler drawings to be requested from Andy Bennett to enable boiler drawings to be updated and calculations finalised by Graham Morris.
  10. Response re. valves required to Spirax Sarco
  11. If quote from John Tasker is high for eccentrics discuss to ascertain reasons and alter specification as necessary to reduce price.
  12. Steam brake cylinders drawings needed from FR.
  13. A single FR vacuum, ejector is to be specified and in the short term the railway will live with any sluggishness in brake release times.
  14. Mainframe drawings are to be prepared for release to Babcock early in the New Year.
  15. A written test procedure is to be developed and co-ordinated for the locomotive over the next year.

4. LYN's special Injectors

We are pleased to report that, via Heritage Steam Suppliers, our two purpose-built injectors have been delivered from Richard Metcalfe and Sons. These two live steam injectors are very special as they will need to operate at 250 psi (the maximum boiler pressure). Richard Metcalfe has had to specially tweak the cones to accommodate the high pressure. These two vital but expensive components mark a significant addition to our boiler fittings. We can now at least fill the boiler!

5. Paint

Eagled-eyed project supporters will have noticed that we have added three new sponsorship items under the heading "Paint". We will need lots of it! We have estimated that we will need around 40 litres, of three types: It is a pretty big guess as to exactly what we will need, but we have been guided by Patrick Keef who has recently restored 'Russell' for the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway, and these were the quantities needed to finish that project, which is a similar size to LYN.

Please see if you can sponsor a litre or two, as it is expensive stuff and we do not what to scrimp on this item.

6. Springs

As readers will recall, LYN's springs have been made by Jones Brothers in the West Midlands. We have ordered four driving springs and four pony truck springs plus one spare of each. We can now show show this series of photographs of the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished and being painted. It is a rather old fashioned but incredibly skilled job. The operators just 'know' when the spring is of the right tension and these photographs show the age old-skills being put to good use...
... and here they are delivered to Alan Keef's yard. Another big milestone achieved!

7. News from Down Under

Our good friends at the Puffing Billy Railway near Melbourne have kindly sent over some excellent photographs of five working Na class locos, all lined up. Here are two images of LYN's big cousins displayed to their best.

8. Valve Connecting Rods

F.W. Frost and Sons are making the Valve Conrods for us free of charge. There are two of these rods, one on each side of the engine. As you can see, the rods have made good progress and are now practically finished. A big thank you to Frost's for making these for us.

9. Eccentric Rod and strap studs

We are also very pleased to received free of charge from Barnstaple firm Hele Bay Precision Engineering all eight eccentric rod studs and eight eccentric strap studs.

10. Eccentric Rods

The order to make the four eccentric rods has just been placed. These will be manufactured by both profile cutting and water-jet cutting, before being welded and finally machined. We should have these rods completed early in the new year.

11. Slide Bars

Bideford firm Whiteland and Son are doing quite a bit of machining for us. Some of the larger parts that they have agreed to do for a most favourable rate are the slide bars.

These big lumps of precision steel have now been made and sent off for heat treatment. As you can see from these photoss, the bed of the mill needs to be quite large to accommodate the bars, which are 1.1 meters long!


12. Expansion Links

I have saved the best until last! Just look at the fabulous job that ND Precision of Barnstaple have made of our expansion links. It is a work of art and we are so grateful to Nick and Paul from ND Precision for their support. They have machined these for us FREE OF CHARGE. A fantastic contribution and soon we will have the bulk of the valve gear ready to assemble.

Remember to take a look at the Component of the Month, and we still have a few Christmas Cards available!

762 Club 2014 Christmas Card 762 Club 2014 Christmas Card 762 Club 2014 Christmas Card

That is quite enough for one month. Again, thanks to our supporters and members, LYN is quickly coming together.

Peter Best

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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