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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.24: January 2015

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the growing number of LYN's loyal supporters. I hope that you all had a super Holiday season.

This edition marks two years of LYNformation and I really hope that the monthly progress that we report is of benefit to our members and supporters.

It has been an exciting and hugely enjoyable ride for me and I am delighted with the progress that the 762 Club has made to convert a dream into reality. As we enter the final lap, I am conscious of the task that has been set to get LYN steaming by December 2015, but it is still possible, even if we have suffered one or two delays recently. What does strike me is the fantastic support we have received over the past 24 editions, not only from our members, friends and families, but also from our growing number of commercial sponsors who have given their time and/or materials free or at heavily discounted rates to the 762 Club. Thank you, one and all.

This month's LYNformation is a little shorter than normal due to the Christmas holidays shortening the working month in December to only three weeks, but nevertheless, we have plenty to report:

1. More solid progress on the Cylinders

The process of making and fabricating the cylinders progresses well in Norfolk. As you will be able to see from the photographs, they are now looking very much like cylinders, and we hope and expect the job to be completed by the end of February. This is a massive job and will allow us to quickly start final assembly once we have the frames.

2. Slide Bars Complete!

News from Whitelands Engineering in Bideford this month is that the slide bars are finished! We attach a photograph of the bars being milled and just before the holidays, we heard that both pairs are now complete. Also, from the same source, we hear that both the connecting rods and coupling rods are 80% finished and will be completed in the first few weeks of January. The same goes for the cross heads, although they are not expected to be ready until the end of the month.

3. Driving Wheel Sets Complete!

During November and December, Alan Keef's finished the driving wheel set assembly, and now we have two lovely wheel sets, finished, complete and ready. A big milestone.

4. Elphise Engineering Parts

Readers will recall we received a gift of the duplex vacuum gauge from Roger Davis from Wells in Somerset. Roger put us onto an excellent, small but well-equipped engineering company in Wells; Elphise Engineering. Over the past few months, Elphise MD Tony Rendell has become a supporter of the LYN project and has made several parts for us at a favourable rate. These parts are for the motion. Elphise are also quoting for some other parts as well.

5. Eccentric Rod Progress

We now have the three main parts rough cut and now we need to weld them together before finally having them machined. The photograph shows how they will look when welded.

6. Nigel Heath: A 762 Hero

Take a bow Nigel! I thought it would be nice to show you all one of our 762 heros, Nigel Heath. Nigel has already made over 20 parts for us and has not finished yet! I show an image of the latest parts Nigel has made for us. They are all for the reverser assembly and I have just pasted over the material to make a further ten items, also for the reverser.

7. Front Pony Truck Drawings released for Quotation

Just before Christmas, the design team released the first batch of drawings for the front pony truck. These are not yet at the manufacturing stage but complete enough for quotation purposes. Our preferred contractor for this assembly will be Alan Keef and Son, and the drawings were passed over to them just before the holidays so we expect a price for these parts very soon.

8. Painting and Paint

Only a small point, but nevertheless quite exciting. We were asked by Patrick Keef to advise him on what colour the driving wheel sets should be. I was excited because for the first time, we are actually talking about a part FULLY FINISHED (including painting).

Readers may recall that LYN is to be outshopped in 1929 Southern Railway livery. Our painting consultant is Steve Phillips, author of 'The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Measured and Drawn.' If you have not seen Steve's book, it is a fantastic and inspiring work. Steve will write the painting specification for us, as well as advising Patrick Keef of the RAL numbers. Steve hopes to complete this early in the New Year.

So, with this in mind, can I ask a favour? The paint we need is quite expensive - starting at 45 per litre - and we need A LOT! The three types of paint needed are listed on our sponsorship page. Please can you have a look at sponsoring a litre or two? It would be hugely appreciated if we could knock this item off our to buy list.

9. Reverser Chassis

Another biggish bit made! Here are the parts which make the reverser chassis photographed at Jon Pain's. These parts screw together to form the reverser assembly which is located on the right hand side of the locomotive.

10. Reverser screw and nuts

These quite expensive bits have been delivered to us by the Halifax Screw Company.

May I wish all of our supporters a happy, peaceful and steamy New Year. Peter

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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