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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.25: February 2015

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for a slightly later LYNformation than usual (this was written on 6th Feb, but due to technical issues with the website, was published even later than envisaged - Martyn) but not so many images to show this month, and less progress than expected.

1. Atom Engineering

We would like to most sincerely thank Gary Richardson of Atom Engineering for machining a set of very critical plastic components for us.

In all, Atom have made 7 different parts from UHMWPE for the Axle Boxes, Connecting, and Coupling Rods. UHMWPE is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, and is a very strong material which is flexible and in part, self-lubricating. It is also a swine to machine! It throws out lots of "string" and takes time to make items. Gary has patiently worked his way through the drawings that I "offered" to him and has now finished. Take a bow, Gary Richardson. Another 762 hero!


2. Coupling Rods and Connecting Rods

Both sets of rods have been finished as far as machine goes. These have been completed by Whiteland Engineering in Bideford, who have done a lot of work for us at very favourable rates.

I am pleased to attach a photo of all four rods together. The final part is that they will now be transported to Alan Keef's for checking and final assembly. They should be transported by mid-February and will be assembled as soon as the last components are ready, which will be by mid-March.


3. Steam Brake cylinder

Just a quick note to say that the Ffestiniog Railway are making our steam brake cylinders and the news from them is that the patterns have gone to the foundry for casting, and they will be delivered back to Boston Lodge in mid-February for machining.

4. Pony Trucks

As reported last month, the design and drawings for the pony truck are nearly ready for release. The 762 Club have decided to award the construction and assembly of these items to Alan Keef and Son. They have quoted for the three sub-assemblies illustrated last month, and have made an estimate for the axles and axle boxes, coming to a total of 21,000 for each pony truck. This is more of less in line with expectation (20K) but will clean us out of money! We will need to launch a final push appeal in the summer to get us over the line.

5. Eccentric Rods

The next phase of making the rods has been completed with the welding of the three components together. The final operation will be the machining which we will sub-contract out to Nigel Heath.

6. Domes

( A0-LYN-865) Whilst all of the detailed design work has been going on concerning the pony truck, brakes and frames, Mike Nelson was able to slip in the detailed manufacturing drawings for the steam and sand domes. ( See the February March Component of the Month). We are having them made in China, and have received a very good price for the metal spinning and fabrication of 500 each. We will shortly place the order for all three; Two sand domes and one steam dome.

7. Cylinders

Nearly there! Take a look at the splendid cylinders. They are now 80% finished and have just been stress relieved. (Gosh, how I wish I could be stress relieved so easily!) Now they need to be bored out and the liners added. They should be delivered to Alan Keef at the tail end of March or very early in April. However, here is a series of photographs of recent progress.

8. Sand Boxes

They are finished. Well, practically. They have been made by the Kidderminster firm of AIS, and a jolly good job they have done as well. They only need the sand weir to be added, before being finished. They will be delivered to Ross-on-Wye soon for trial fitting.

9. Brake Blocks

Also during this busy time, Mike Nelson has just completed the design and drawing for the brake block. This will soon be passed on to our old friend, Brian Lloyd to make the pattern. We will use just one style of block on all four driving wheels. We will probably have eight cast to give us a spare set.

Now that the website issues are resolved, look out for more news and photos in LYNformation 26 - coming very soon! Peter

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