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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.26: March 2015

Dear All,
Lots and lots going on over the past few weeks!

1. Design Review Meeting:

Our design team consists of just two very able and talented people. Ian Gaylor, who is our designer, and Mike Nelson, who does all of the drawing and modelling.

We have also have an independent consultant - John Scott - who oversees all of the designs.

In additional to these gentlemen, the review meetings have input from the manufacturer (Alan Keef and Son) and also from the customer, US! (The 762 Club).

We meet every six months or so when a particular section of the locomotive design and drawing has been finished. In early March we had what will probably be the last design review meeting, and to give you an insight into what goes on, I thought it might be interesting for me to include the full minutes of this meeting. I also think it's something of a milestone when the final 'big' bits have been approved. There are no more significant sections to design and even our cautious design team think they are 95% complete. Well done, Ian and Mike.


2. Steam Valves for LYN

Stand up 762 hero, Andrew Prew.

Andrew is the Market Development Manager for Spirax Sarco. Spirax is one of the World's leading suppliers of steam valves and controllers, and are based at their splendid Cheltenham headquarters. If we had to pick the best supplier to equip LYN with, it would have been Spirax Sarco as they have an excellent reputation, so it was with huge delight that we began to talk with Andrew about the possibility that they might donate some valves to the LYN project. Now it is very convenient that Andrew hails from Barnstaple and has an affinity with the North Devon area and the railway, but never did I expect that they would donate ALL FIFTEEN valves for free. What a fantastic effort and a huge benefit to us. I include a photo of Andrew and just some of the valves they have supplied.


3. Spark Arrester

Another huge and generous component has been made for us by Altex, the Calne-based sheet metal fabricator and engineering company. It's the two halves of the spark arrestor that fits inside the smokebox to catch ash and sparks that might be ejected through the chimney and possible ignite the countryside. The mesh is made of stainless steel and the frame in steel. This tricky assembly has also been made for free, saving hundreds of pounds of our scarse resources. Even better news is that Altex have agreed to make some of the ashpan assembly once the drawings have been released. Thank you John Jackett and all at Altex.

4. Coupling Rod components finished!

Another big step forward has been the completion of all the necessary components to complete the coupling rods. All of the parts are now at Alan Keef's and we have just place the order with them to assembly them into finished rods. This will take place before the end of April. The photograph shows the final parts that were made for us by Elphise Engineering from Wells, Somerset. The MD of Elphise, Tony Rendall has done a great job of these precision parts and they look lovely. Sadly, once assembled, they will become practically invisible!

5. More reverser assembly parts completed

762 Club hero, Nigel Heath has turned out another batch of ten separate components for the reverser assembly. We nearly have all of the parts to start the assembly, and we have asked Alan Keef to quote for this. In the meantime, we hope to place the order for the reach rod soon.

6. Cross Heads

These have arrived! The two huge chunks of metal were delivered with other parts from Devon in late February. They have been made by Whiteland's Engineering in Bideford, and complete the largest and second most costly components making up the valves gear and motion. It was a bit difficult to photograph, but the first image is of them in their packing (brilliant) and the others are of the machined cross heads

7. Sand Boxes

These two components were delivered in February, supplied by Kidderminster firm AIS Sheet Metal. I delivered them to Alan Keef's and could not resist the temptation of temporarily putting them on the boiler. The fixing brackets need to be welded on once the final assembly takes place but another key part is complete and was done on very favourable rates.

Thank you AIS. We might be back with some other parts soon!


8. Slide Bars

These have also been delivered to Ross-on-Wye. Again, they were made by Whiteland's, and again they have done a superb job on them. We have placed an order with Alan Keef to make the spacers and other small bits and to assemble them. They will be complete by the end of April.

9. Rocking Shaft Assembly

This big, heavy and complex assembly is now finished, made for us by Longshore Engineering. I am pleased to attach a nice photograph of Dylan Simpson who made them for us. Dylan has already made some other parts for us free of charge, and now his firm Longshore Engineering has undertaken to make these parts for a very, very reasonable rate. Another 762 Hero! Also mentioned in despatches is A & A precision Engineering from Barnstaple, who made quite a lot of these parts in collaboration with Longshore.

10. Reverser Indicator Screw

This part is now finished and we would like to thank Wayne Kent for the beautiful result. We are not far from finishing all of the reverser parts now.

11. Eccentric Sheaves and Straps

Phew, what an effort these have been!! At long last we have some good news on them. The design is quite new and non-traditional, using separate roller bearings rather than the more normal white metal. The material is also very hard and the specification calls for tool making hardened steel. Even to find firms who could handle this job was difficult, and to find one that we could afford has been a big task, but the good news is that our good friends Whiteland's have been persuaded to take the job on.

Knowing the skill that they have shown in making other components for the motion and valve gear, I am sure they will do a splendid job and have promised that they will be ready by 8th May, so that we can display them at the L&B spring gala. Come along and see them once they are finished.

12. Connecting and Coupling Rods

Finally, the rods have now been delivered to Alan Keef and we have placed an order with them to check and assemble the coupling rods. We will order the assembly of the connecting rods a bit later. The finished coupling rods will be ready by the end of April.

Phew! That is quite enough for one month!


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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