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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.27: April 2015

Here we are again,
Less "big bang" this month, but more steady progress...

1. Frames

The biggest news this month is that our fabulous master sponsors Babcock International Group, based in Appledore, have agreed to make and assemble LYN's frames. This news comes after a high level meeting with the Shipyard Director, Phil Kent of Alan Keef and Son and myself in late March.

To get to this stage, we had to put extreme pressure on our design team to get the basic drawings to Babcocks so they could see basically what they were getting themselves into! The meeting was very interesting, productive and straightforward. Discussions took place where detailed questions and answers flew across the table with all parties looking for the best solution for 'LYN'. The scale of the job was no barrier to Babcocks, and the prospect of bending, cutting, drilling and machine vast pieces of metal was everyday business to them! The biggest thickness steel needed is 80mm, while Babcocks can handle up to 200mm!

After a very productive hour, all parties shook hands and agreed an end of June completion, subject to them having the detailed welding drawings by Easter. This we have done, and also released all of the final manufacturing drawings to Babcocks, after Ian Gaylor completed all of stress calculations.

Now we have to wait anxiously for progress from Appledore. Mike Guppy is our main contact there and has promised to send us photographs as it starts to come together. Exciting times!!


2. Brake Blocks

One of our earliest 762 heros is Brian Lloyd, our master pattern maker. Brian has triumphed again and this time finished the pattern for LYN's brake block. The block could only be made once the final design for the whole brake assembly had been agreed. This was done just a few weeks ago, and Brian immediate got stuck in. We have placed the order for two complete sets of brake blocks. All this was kindly sponsored through our Bearings, Bars and Bolts appeal of 2014. Delivery of the brake blocks is scheduled for the end of April.

3. Steam Brake Cylinder

Whilst not quite finished, I could not resist adding two photographs taken whilst I was at Boston Lodge recently. There they are! Gleaming and new, with just the return spring to be added. I will pick them up during May.

4. Cylinders. Part 1

To illustrate the sheer complexity and detail in fabricating our cylinders, I include just two weekly progress reports from Robert Frost. Part 1 is from the end of March where the frame mountings were being machined and which threw up a small technical question which needs to be quickly and accurately answered. Don't worry, it's not me that answers, but Mike or Ian! Frame Mounting flange machined on both cylinders, and first one set up and bored through for the liners. On these photos the exhaust guide front plates can be seen (with a test cut) to be slightly offset compared to the bore of the valve cylinder so that the valve rod end covers may overhang the flange slightly

The second fabrication is to be bored out next.

5. Cylinders Part 2

Just one week later, this phase has been completed and more progress. I like the bit where Robert starts talking about holes being tapped. I know that this is close to the end of the process! Both fabrications now bored to size as attached, so we can now finish turn and then machine ports in the liners prior to shrinking.
The next stage of the fabrications will be to CNC machine the counterbores and tapped holes in the valve and piston rod flange faces.

6. Coupling Volute Springs

As previously mentioned, we have had some complex design issues fitting everything in where the front pony truck is concerned. Detailed drawings were needed, merging the original drawings issued by the Southern Railway, the Ffestiniog drawings, and those issued by the L&B. These have now been largely completed and I attach the assembly drawing and the volute spring which sits in the cup that has needed careful, detailed work. (At the time the drawing was done, we did not have the springs).

7. Weigh Shaft

Another big lump has been delivered to Ross-on-Wye. This is the weigh shaft and has been manufactured by Alan Keef and Son. This heavy fabrication links the reach rod form the reverser to the lifting links and expansion links. This assembly was part sponsored by a recent Component of the Month. It also could not be made until the frame assembly was complete, as the final dimensions of the reach rod and angle that it joins the weigh shaft could not be finalised till then.

8. Valve Gear

Leading on from the weigh shaft information, we have now placed an order with Alan Keef to receive, check and complete a trial fitting of all of the expansion link and weigh shaft assembly. All of the parts are now in stock. I hope we can get a photograph of this once it is all laid out. This will be completed by the end of May.

9. Plastic Parts for the Reverser

Another LYN hero has also been busy this month! Adrian Porter has machined two items for the reverser assembly. These are A4-LYN-762 which is the reverser screw bump stop and has to be made in polyurethane and A4-LYN-723 reach rod nut rubbing pad which is made from delrin. Thank you, Adrian for these parts.

10. Reverser

Now that we have practically all the components, we have asked Alan Keef to quote for assembling the components to the chassis, so that when the time comes, we can crane the assembly into position as one piece. As soon as we have the price, and hopefully can accept it, all of the parts currently in my hall can be moved to Ross. Have a look at all of the parts that make up this important assembly.

11. Footplate

Just for interest, I am pleased to include the footplate drawing, A . I hope to spend quite a bit of time standing on this plate, which is being made as part of the Babcock deal.

12. Apron Plate

Similarly, here is the plate that goes on the front part of the locomotive's frame and has the iconic curved cut away round the cylinders. Another very generous piece that Babcock International is doing for us.

From July onwards, it will be all hands to the pumps, but there is already a lot going on!!

Thank you once again for your continued support,


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