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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.32: September

Dear All,

Welcome to LYNformation 32.

Firstly, welcome to a really big bumper LYNformation, with lots of good progress to report for a change! So, without further ado, here goes!

1. Huge date for your diary. Saturday 28th November

This is the date that has been fixed for a private 762 Club open day at Alan Keef's works. The open day will showcase the finished frame, pony trucks and many, many other key components that have been manufactured and collected together over the past four years, and just prior to final assembly.

This will be an opportunity for all members, sponsors, and the press, togwether with their guests, to witness the frames, wheel sets, and other items all together and just waiting for the final assembly.

By then, we will have everything bar the brakes, Ashpan and manifold. Exact details of the open day will be published nearer the time, but the times will be 9.30 to 14.00, and both Patrick Keef and I will be on hand to welcome you.

PLEASE NOTE: The date of this event has been changed. It is now on Saturday 28th November, not the 14th as previously stated. We hope you can make for what will be a great and unique event.

2. Money

With the extra costs that have been needed to be spent on the frames, when we get to November, the coffers will have run dry and we will have no money to complete the assembly. An estimated 100,000 will be needed to allow Alan Keef to complete the locomotive, so a major new fund raising campaign will be launched at the open day to fund this gap.

3. Frames

Where do I start? Readers will know that last Autumn, we received a fantastic offer from Babcock's to provide all of the material, cut it, and assemble the whole frame package.

Subsequently, once they had seen the drawings, they told us that they did not have the 80mm thick plate in stock, and that we would have to buy it. (3,200).

Sadly, in April, the old Managing Director who had made this offer retired, and the new team rowed back on their commitment. They still agreed to provide all of the material they could for free and to profile cut it all, but they would not assemble it.

Even this was a huge positive sponsorship deal for the 762 Club, but we knew that we would have to find about 10,000 for the assembly. In the event, what Babcock's presented to us was some way below what we expected in terms of scope and quality. Worst of all were the two large 80mm profiles that were poor and cannot be used. The only solution was to start again, and have them water-jet cut. This has now been done, but at a combined cost of 7,800. Also, Babcock's did not drill the plates that they cut, so we have had to mark off all of the profiles and to drill them, resulting in another 8,000 in costs.

Finally, we always knew that we would have to drill and machine the horns into which the axle-boxes will fit, as well as the very fine tolerance holes that fit the cylinders through the frames and into the saddle. The whole lot comes to about 30,000 extra, and will clean us out financially. The good news is that all of this has or will be finished by 14th November.

The main plates have been cut and were delivered to the machinist on 2nd September. They will then come back to AKL for the holes to the saddle to be drilled. All of the other profiles have been made or drilled, including the apron plate and the footplate. On or around the 21st September, the whole lot, together with the saddle will go off to Lowther's for assembly. They have promised a 6 week turnaround, so as long as we can deliver all of the plates to them by that date, we will have a finished frame to show off on 14th November. A rather horrible experience but we are nearly over it now.


4. Front Pony Truck

The two pony trucks are both complex expensive and important assemblies.

Design and drawings took far longer than expected and the costs are much more than expected. Nevertheless, the 762 Club has ordered both pony trucks from AKL and work is well advanced on the first one.

Basically, the trucks have four main components: The Wheel sets and axle boxes. A3-LYN-064 The truck Chassis. A3-LYN-066 The Rocking suspension assembly. A3-LYN-068 The Spring Assembly. A3-LYN-071 And then finally the whole assembly. A3-LYN-053 Good work has been going on during August, and about 50% of the front pony truck is now complete illustrated by the following series of photographs.


The wheel sets are now finished bar assembly and once the axles are back from the machinists (due in about two weeks' time), then the axles can be pressed onto the wheels and assembly into the chassis can begin. See how many parts you can spot?

5. Rear pony Truck

Whilst most parts are the same between the front and rear truck, some are not! We have placed orders with AKL for both trucks (22,500 each!) but so far they have not received the manufacturing drawings for the rear pony truck. Whilst not a show stopper yet, we are anxiously waiting for their release. Ian Gaylor has told us that he has released all of the calculations and all parts are drawn, but they need to be checked and then any corrections changed on the drawings. We hope that this process will be completed within the next few weeks, so that AKL can crack on with the rear truck which will then be on show on the 14th November.

6. Drawings and design

The final list of drawings needed is becoming less and for information, here is what we still need, in order of priority:

7. Coupling Rods

These have been assembled and checked. By and large, all of the separate sponsored parts have come together well. The bearings will be added closer to final assembly.

8. Connecting Rods

Not such good news here. When the assembly was being put together, there were a few 'issues'. Not only were there some drawing problems but one component was wrong and another had some surface appearance issues. No real show stoppers, but time consuming. These are in the course of being corrected and the basic assembly looks good now.

9. Weigh shaft, lifting links and expansion links

All have gone together well and practically finished.

10. Rocking Shaft

Some work has been done on the rocking shaft assembly. It had been expected that some assemblies would have been welded together, but when delivered, it was just piece parts. Nevertheless, a start has been made on putting these parts together, and so far, there have been no issues.

11. Slide Bars

Again, the slide bars have gone together well. The final assembly will need to be done closer to the time, but all of the individual parts fit well and look very good.

12. Reverser

This complex sub assembly has been started and we are nearly 75% through the task. There have been quite a few issues when the parts have been put together, again a combination of drawing, manufacture and finish. There are a few errors which we will have to live with as they will not been seen, but as the photographs show, it is a mighty impressive piece of kit!

13. Cylinders

The material for the new liner has been delivered and a final deadline has been issued to Frosts that we need the finished cylinders back at AKL by the end of October, so that they are with us for our open day.

14. Eccentric straps and Sheaves

These will be finished and collected on Monday 5th October.

That is quite enough for now.

See you all on 28th November! (not the 14th as previously advertised!)


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