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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.35: November

Dear All,

Welcome to LYNformation 35.

Hello everyone, Pretty good news this edition and things are coming together quite well. So here goes edition 35 of LYNformation!

Before the latest news and Pictures, A reminder (as if one was needed) about the 762 Club Open Day, on Saturday 28th November 2015.

This will be held at Alan Keef's works. The address is:

        Lea Line
        Nr. Ross-on-Wye
        HR9 7LQ

You can find directions at www.alankeef.co.uk.

The event will start at 09.30 and finish at 13.30. At least three of the four 762 Club Directors will be in attendance, and looking forward to seeing as many of our members, friends, supporters, and indeed anyone connected with the 762 Club, on that day. There will be tea and coffee available, but no other catering will be provided.

Most of the components for LYN will be on show, but for logistical reasons, some items which were made some years ago are still in store, and will not therefore be available. These include the bunker, tanks, chimney and cow catchers.

1. Cylinders

News from Robert Frost's: On Thursday 22nd October, the cylinders were tested and hydrauliced. Here is Robert's report:

During pressure testing we have found very slight weepage between the outside of the valve liner where shrunk into the steam transfer port. On Cylinder B this allowed a gradual drop in pressure from 375 psi to 290 psi over half an hour (equivalent to about half a teaspoon from each end of the liner). On cylinder A there was a tiny amount of weepage, with a drop in pressure of 375 psi to 360 psi over half an hour. There were no visible signs of any leakage from any other areas on the cylinders, during this time. Having discussed this with Ian, this may self-seal over time, will not be significant in use, and so will be acceptable.

On the exhaust side no visible signs of leakage were seen and 30 psi was maintained except for the cylinder A front exhaust chamber. This showed a 2 psi pressure drop over 50 minutes. After rechecking connections/plugs etc. this was retested for a further 2 hours 50 minutes, with a drop in pressure from 30 psi to 25psi. No trace of any leakage could be seen. Slackening a plug, we found this was the equivalent to releasing about half a thimble-full of fluid over that time, so don't believe this is significant, wherever the pressure was being lost.

We will now palletise the cylinders, and send them, with loaned end covers etc. to Hone-All, and from there direct to Alan Keef's."


Very good news all round! The very latest news as of the 5th November is that the valves have been honed and will move onto a different machine next week for the pistons to be honed. We will then expect the cylinders to be delivered to AKL w/c 16th November.

2. Front Pony Truck

This is complete!!!! Great news, and I am pleased to add an image of the truck, all painted and ready to roll.

3. Rear Pony Truck

This is progressing well. All of the profiles have now been delivered to AKL, and they are busy assembling all of the components. The finished truck will be on show by the 28th.

4. Frame

Excellent news from A.J. Lowther's. As I write this article, they are only about 3-4 days away from finishing the assembly. It has gone very well and they are ahead of schedule. The main welder, Craig has done a super job and they are right behind the club.
A.J. Lowther's have been an excellent sub-contractor and I am sure their work will be of a high order. Now then. Have you noticed anything? Look at the first two images, Those with the bloke in the red overall in. The bloke is Craig and I took it to try and get some scale into the pictures. Now look at the rear of the frames.
You can just see them. They are HUGE! It is just under 8 metres long. LYN will be a big girl! The frames will be delivered back to AKL w/c 16th November. No work will start on it until after the open day as the next step will be turn it over again to drill the necessary bolt holes around the horns.

If we can raise the money, it will be technically possible to have it wheeled by the end of January.


5. Design and drawings

During the last month, the last drawings for the rear pony truck were released. Also, AKL now have enough information to quote on the horn and keeps area. Finally, the brake gear and hand brake stand have also come through. Thanks Ian and Mike.
And finally...

LYN makes her first trip! On Monday 9th November, the fully assembled frames made the short but symbolic trip from the works of A.J.Lowther's to Alan Keef. Although only a matter of a dozen or so miles, LYN can now be described as a locomotive. A little further amount of drilling of bolt holes around the keeps and horns needs to be done, but the engine will be a running chassis by early in the new year.

Great progress!


Now we have to raise a lot of money quite quickly, as we cannot raise any further orders until we do so. The pot is empty...


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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