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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.37: February 2016

Dear All,

Welcome to LYNformation 37.

Hi All, A bit different LYNformation this time as we do not have the usual photographs of new shiny metal bits but none the less, much good work is going on, and plenty of progress on a number of fronts. So here goes:

1. Photo-call

Firstly, to kick things off, the L&B Trust have been given a photograph of the original LYN. This fantastic image is of LYN taking on water at Parracombe. The date is early 1930s. What a brilliant photograph.

2. New Members/Fundraising update

We are delighted to inform the wider membership that since Christmas, we have had a surge in members, with seven joining just in the last four weeks. This is great news as the coffers were completely bare! This has allowed us the place some important new orders. The new campaign to raise money for the final assembly has also hit the L&B Membership via the L&B Magazine, so we are seeing the first fruits of that appeal with 15,000 raised in the first two weeks, but we must raise another 85,000.

3. Brake Gear

Here is the assembly drawing of the brake gear. It is A3-LYN-078. It is stating the obvious, but the brake gear is very important and has to be rugged and strong. The big items, such as the brake hangers, brake beams and brake shaft are made from RQT 701 material which is the same as the metal used to make the connecting and coupling rods. It is pretty expensive and quite difficult to get hold of. I am very pleased to report that we have taken delivery of the rough profiles for all of the big bits and have received a very favourable quote to machine them from our good friends at Whiteland's Engineering who are located at Bideford. By the time you have received this, the seven biggest lumps will have gone South West from Alan Keef Limited for final machining. The due date will be the end of April and it is our intention to display these large pieces at the 762 Club stand at the L&B Spring Gala at Woody Bay on the 14th-15th May.

Also, there are quite a few smaller parts that need to be made in RQT 701. Fortunately, we retained the off-cuts from the large block that was used to cut the rods from. These have been stored at Luffman's Engineering near Tiverton. Now they have water jet cut a further eleven pieces that have gone to Paul West at ND Precision Engineering in Barnstaple. This firm machined the expansion links last year and did a fantastic job of them. Paul has volunteered to machine these parts free of charge, and the water jet cut profiles were delivered to ND in early January. Again, we hope they will be finished in time for the May Gala. Thank you so much, Paul.

Finally, all of the other materials have been purchased and will be made by another LYN hero, Nigel Heath. All materials have been paid for. We now need to raise the money for the machining cost which will be around 5,000. So by the middle of May, we will have the full brake gear ready to assemble when the time comes.


4. Brake Stand

Attached is the drawing for the brake stand. This is A3-LYN-075. As you can see, it is made up of quite a complex selection of components. I am very pleased to report that we have had sponsorship for the brake stand chassis (A3-LYN-1093). This is being made at Adam Dalgleish's works in Stockton-On-Tees, and will be delivered to AKL on the 16th March. Also, the two bought-in items (the hand wheel and handle) which featured in January's Component of the Month were sponsored, so they are now on order. Finally, about 66% of the material to make the remaining parts has been ordered, to be sent to Nigel Heath for machining. The aim is to allocate suppliers to make the remaining six parts during February, so we have all the components made and delivered to AKL by the end of March.

A manufacturing order will then be placed with AKL to assemble the brake stand, so that we have it ready to final assemble to the frames when the time comes.


5. Front and Rear Pony Truck Frame Stretchers

Great news to report here:

These four thick and strong frame stretchers are designed to hold the front and rear pony truck mounting positions and are vital for the suspension of the locomotive. They have to be made in situ and consist of thick profiles of metal, cut and shaped before final drilling and welding to the engine frames. Whilst not too tightly toleranced, nevertheless, they are big heavy lumps of metal.

So, I am delighted to report that our good friends at Babcocks in Appledore, have agreed not only to supply the material free of charge, but also to cut the profiles for us. I illustrate just one of the four stretchers (A3-LYN-930) which is typical of the four. Babcock's' will shortly start work on them and once complete, they too will be delivered to AKL. Once at Ross, they will be machined and the holes drilled before final assembly onto the frames. Thank you, Babcock International.


6. Trailing Pony Truck Control Assembly

One of the last large, complex assemblies is the trailing Pony Truck Control Assembly. This has the assembly drawing A3-LYN-073 which is illustrated here. As you can see, it is a mightily complex assembly, and the purpose is to assist the rear pony truck steer when going into corners. It has many parts, twoof which are made out of RQT 701. Fortunately, we had just enough material from the rods to have these water-jet cut by Luffman's Engineering. The rest of the material has been ordered and will then be delivered to Longshore Engineering from Delabole, Cornwall. Longshore have already made the rocking shaft assembles for us and Dylan Simpson has kindly agreed to make the control assembly at a very favourable rate. It will be finished in time for the Spring Gala and we hope to show off this assembly at Woody Bay in May.

7. Suspension

Much of the final effort will go into making the suspension components for LYN. A3-LYN-083

The biggest parts are the equalising beams. There are two at the front and two at the rear. They need patterns making, then casing, before final machining. In mid-January, the 762 Club placed an order with Peak Patterns to complete this work for us. It is a lengthy process with a fourteen-week lead time. Nevertheless, we have taken a leap of faith that we will have the funds ready when needed. The cost of these critical items comes to 4,500 in total, and we expect delivery in early May.


8. Assembly timetable

Alan Keef and Sons have been very busy with other work recently, and are fully committed to other projects until late March. Very little work will take place on the frames till then. However, we have ordered all of the components for the horns, guides and slippers, so that when we get the next AKL slot, the next thing will be wheeling the engine. This will be followed by fitting the cylinders and saddle. All this will work towards having the fully assembled rolling chassis by 17th September.


Finally, here is a strange request. We need 421 kilos of lead! The locomotive needs to be properly balanced with equal weight distribution across the loco. At the moment, it is a bit too heavy at the back, so to compensate, we are fitting a weight box at the front. This box is featured in February's Component of the Month. Once fitted, we will need to melt scrap lead and fill it. So, do you have any scrap lead in your garden shed? Or, did that building extension require lead and you have some left over? The 762 Club wants any and all your old scrap. You can deliver it to me (In Tetbury) or Alan Keef and Son in Ross or at the L&B Spring Gala, or if you have quite a bit, then I can collect. But please don't eye up your local Church roof...

That is quite enough for now!

Thanks as always.


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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