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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.41: June 2016

Dear All,

Here is the latest edition of LYNformation.
The final countdown has begun.

1. Sand Domes

Now we are getting towards the end of the project, attention is being placed on the cosmetic parts. The first of these has been made. The photographs show our resident pattern maker, Brian Lloyd delivering the sand dome lids. Brian has made a very nice pattern and had these cast in aluminium. Not only do these look very nice but are less weight for both the engine and the crew in lifting them on and off.
Thank you so much Brian for another first class job done.

2. L&B Spring Gala

Jon was at his usual post alongside Martin Swainson manning the 762 Club stand meeting 762 club members old and new. Surrounded by some sizeable machined chunks of metal from the braking system fresh from collection at Whiteland Engineering Bideford the Friday before and some frame parts freshly collected from . The weekend, whilst quiet compared with previous galas, did result in some welcome sponsorship being received and a couple of new members. Having done over a dozen galas, Jon is looking forward to May 2017 where he can retire to the beer tent and watch Lyn going up and down!
There are still some parts available to sponsor from the sponsorship listing and we really want to finish this list now to facilitate the build program. We also have a limited number of memberships available Ė be quick before the magic number of 350 is reached!

The Final Assembly Appeal has raised over £15K, but we are still looking for another £85K, so if you havenít donated yet, please do. We have the parts (mostly) we just need to assemble and commission!

3. Trailing Pony Truck Control Assembly

At the L&B Gala, we also had on show most of the components for the Trailing Pony Truck assembly. This complex and important assembly is being made for us by Longshore Engineering in Delabole, Cornwall under the guidance of owner, Dylan Simpson. The parts were delivered after the gala to a firm in Barnstaple for assembly and should be ready to collect in early July.

4. Brake Gear

Another set of components that were on show at Woody Bay were the big parts that make up the brake gear. These have been made for us by Whitelands Engineering in Bideford. Jon Pain subsequently delivered these to Alan Keef's, and they will be trial-fitted to the engine during August. We now have nearly a full set of brake gear, bar six components that Paul West is making for us (Paul is over half-way through these as we speak).

5. Brake Stand

Bar two remaining parts, all of the components for the brake stand are now complete, and two substantial sub-assemblies were recently delivered by Nigel Heath and are now resident at Ross-on-Wye. The two final parts will be ready in early July, so that the complete brake stand can be finished.

6. Lead

Lead is coming in quite well now but we will need quite a lot more. PLEASE can you see if you have any bits spare that you can donate to the LYN project. If necessary, I can collect. The image shows the boot of my car, full (as usual) with engine bits or lead!

7. The frame assembly

This series of images illustrate the work going on with the frames. Time and space does not permit individually describe what is going on but here is a synopsis of the action you can see:
Firstly, the frames have been turned upside down to allow for the many holes to be accurately drilled. The pony truck frame stretchers have been inserted and welded into place bar one. Thanks to Babcock International for their great work in this regard. The horn keeps were in the process of being trial fitted. 2 are completed whilst the final two will be complete by the time you read this. The horns will then be drilled and the through bolts fitted. There are 5 holes per horn, 10 per axle box, and 4 axles, making 40 holes to be drilled just for the horns. It is expected that these will be completed by 17th June. Work on the frames is now moving well and soon we will see bits being fitted.

8. Equalising Beams

These mighty parts have been cast from a pattern by Peak Patterns and delivered, fully machined, in early June. They are ready to fit once the suspension is assembled.

9. The next phase

Here is an approximate timetable showing what to expect and when:
  1. Pony Truck Stretchers fitted: Mid-June
  2. Horns/keep plates and through bolts completed: 17th June
  3. Horn wedges fitted.
  4. Trial Fitting of driving wheel sets (frame still upside down): Early July
  5. Turn frame
  6. Paint frame
  7. Fit saddle and cylinders: Mid-July
  8. Fit spring assembly: Early August
  9. Fit suspension
  10. Fit brake gear: Mid-August
This will allow a little slack before the open day on 17th September for all those little things that can delay the assembly process, but as you can see, we are now in a very exciting phase of the project. We hope to provide more frequent posts as the action intensifies.

The final image - The frame coming together, is more of an overall view. I was accompanied by supporter and extremely generous donor, Geoff Hill on my last visit. Geoff will be providing some other images, which will be posted shortly.


Phew! - I'm exhausted just writing the progress made ...
... and there's so much more to come! Peter

See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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