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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.45: October 2016

Hi All,

Here is the latest news on the assembly of LYN, with some images to illustrate the story for far!

1. LYN Wheeling

. LYN became a 2-4-2 locomotive on the 1st September.

I am pleased to show a series of photographs which are fairly self-explanatory. This important milestone was achieved relatively easily, and all the axle boxes fitted well (they had all been trial fitted first). Of great hassle was fitting the pony trucks! The front one was relatively straightforward, but the rear was a beast! We discovered that the space to work in is very, very limited. To compound the issue, it was also discovered that one of the rear frame stretchers had been made from slightly too thick material, meaning that a gas axe had to come out to 'ease' the situation. This all took longer than expected. To give you some idea of the complexity of the rear steering gear, it has currently been in and out four times, and still needs one final tweak before it can be forgotten about. This made the whole assembly take longer than expected.


2. Just before the show...

Since about May, we have all been gearing ourselves up to have a rolling chassis finished and on display in time for the Alan Keef open day. We also wanted to pull a few surprises, unannounced just in case time ran out. Well, we made it. JUST!

All of those of you who made the journey to the brilliant AKL open day will have seen a wonderful sight. LYN coming to shape! A full set of images of the actual open day appears on the L&B web site, but I could not resist a few pictures taken the day before. Pride of place was the bunker. Patrick Keef and I set our minds to have the bunker 99% finished, painted and lined, in time for the open day, and temporarily in position. We made it just and didn't it look good? We had lots of complimentary comments about the colour and I think we can safely say it passed our members' critical test. You seemed to like it! Phew as we have lots of that colour in stock to finish the rest of the engine.


3. First trial boiler fit

The week after the open day, AKL were moving several other pieces of rolling stock and had hired in a HIAB lorry. As the weather was fine (sunny and no wind), Patrick took the opportunity to make a first trial-fit of the boiler. I attach two photographs of the event. Sadly, it didn't quite go without a hitch; it was discovered that the boiler could not go fully down as it hit the rear pony truck equalising beam. This was unexpected, sending our design team into a huddle to find a resolution, and they are currently working on a solution. Apart from this issue (and it is a big one), the boiler seemed to fit nicely, albeit very snugly. The overall length was a tad over spec. but this can be corrected at the smokebox end (already done) and the blast stand will line up with the chimney just fine.

4. Reverser indicator plate

Sadly, although we had the reverser assembly in place for the open day, the indicator plate needed some fettling to make it fit. This has now been done and as you can see (from the side), it is now fitted and has been tested. There seems to be a small issue about the pitch of one of the screws that was purchased 'off the shelf' but I am sure that can be speedily resolved.

5. LYN's Lead Mine

At the recent AKL open day, we had a large bucket placed under a sign saying' LYN's lead mine'. I am delighted to say that by the end of the day, it was practically full. Thank you so much to all who brought along their lead. BUT, also at the AKL open day, Mike Beechey brought along his collection. Mike was formerly employed at a firm that made sophisticated X-ray equipment, and within these machines is a blanket of lead ingots. In time, these lead ingots need replacing. Mike was able to contact his former colleagues and managed to source a massive 175 Kilos for us. The first photograph shows Alan Keef works manager, Phil Didcote hand balling the ingots from Mike's car into the storage container. The second image is of Mike Beechey and son, David considerably lightening the load from Mike's car. A huge thank you to Mike for this brilliant contribution.

6. Dome and Chimney

In preparation for the Open Day, we took the opportunity of placing the chimney on the smokebox. We needed to do this fairly soon anyway as it is critical to get the blast stand and chimney as close to in-line as possible. We also took delivery of the steam dome just a day or so prior to the event. This aluminium casting was expertly made by Foley Castings of Stourbridge. They made a half pattern and cast it twice to make a very, very nice job. It fitted fine and will only need some gentle filling and smoothing before it can be painted. The pictures show the dome and chimney temporarily situated on the boiler.

7. Raffle

This was an idea put to me by our boiler manufacturer, Andy Bennett. He said: "Why not have a raffle with the prize of being the first to drive LYN on the occasion of its public debut?" What a great and simple idea, I thought. So, now we are on the final lap, it is time to launch our very, very special raffle:

Each ticket costs £5.00 and there is only one prize. Be the first to drive LYN! It seems to have caught everyones imagination as we sold over 300 tickets at the AKL and L&B Galas. The image shows the big poster that we had done to launch the raffle. To buy your tickets, just e-mail jonpain@waitrose.com


8. What's next?

Well, we will now concentrate on finishing the assembly of the inside motion. This should be complete in the middle of October. We will then fit the valves and pistons, before completing the motion by fitting the outside motion, cross heads, slide bars and rods. AKL have told me that all of this work will be completed by the end of the first week of November with luck. A further trial fitting of the boiler will probably also be arranged as well.

That's about all for now - more soon!,


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