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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.47: December 2016

Hi All,

Well we really have an action packed edition for you this month! I will save the best bits till a bit later, so without further ado, here is a summary of what has been going on in November. Thanks go to Geoff Hill for most of the images.

1. Pony Truck Hatches

During the assembly of the pony trucks to the frame and suspension, it was realised that in the unlikely event of a de-railment, there could be issues with getting the pony trucks back on the track without serious inconvenience. The nub of the problem centred on the fact that the pony trucks are independent of the frame, hence could swing off-line when not supported by the rails.

Additionally, when the frames were jacked up, there was nothing to stop the pony truck swinging around uncontrolled around. It was therefore decided that the best solution would be to cut two hatches in the apron and footplates, and to fix two hooks onto the frame stretchers under these hatches. This allows for a chain or strap to be placed around the pony truck axle and fixed to the hook, so that when the engine is jacked up, the pony trucks lift at the same time in a controlled fashion. The images show the hatches being prepared.


2. Eccentric Spacers

Now that the inside motion is complete, the final piece of this jigsaw is to fit the eccentric spacers which hold the eccentrics snugly in place on the axle. These spacers locate the eccentrics correctly and are now fitted.

3. Inside Motion

This sub-assembly is now also complete, and shims between the eccentric rodsand sheaves have been made and assembled. Once the whole motion and valves are assembled, the very final adjustment will be made. Then those parts that need painting can be removed for one final time and painted.

4. Side Tanks Trial Fitting

The two side tanks were made for us by Babcock International in Appledore some time ago. They now have been taken out of store and trial fitted, initially without the boiler. Here are some images of the first time they have actually been fitted to the locomotive. The left hand tank was almost spot on, whilst the right hand tank had a few issues, some of which were caused by the recent reach rod redesign, and some by the tank being a bit twisted. However, broadly they went on well.

5. Sand Dome Pattern

Meanwhile in deepest Gloucestershire, Brian Lloyd has been beavering away with the sand dome pattern. Here are two images of a before and after sequence. Brian is well on with the dome base, having finished the top some time ago. Once ready, they will be cast and assembled. Brian anticipates that they will be complete by February.

6. A New Member of the Team!

Now that we are in the assembly phase, it has become apparent that AKL have a few skills shortages that might have delayed the completion. To ease this bottleneck, the 762 Club has contracted Richard Kempton to work on LYN four days a week beginning 29th November. Richard has recently been the mechanical foreman at the Severn Valley Railway and is well used to assembling and overhauling steam locomotives. We are very fortunate to have Richard with us, and he will be supervised by Patrick Keef and his team. The second photograph shows Richard and Phil Kent, already deep in conversation.

7. Second Boiler Trial Fitting

On 22nd November, the boiler was successfully placed into the frames, and the holding brackets fitted. All went well. Then the opportunity was taken to fit the cab, bunker and side tanks, making LYN come alive for the first time. I am very proud to show you my photographs of what she looks like.
There was a full team present on the 23rd November when the design team met up with AKL staff to plan the next phase of the assembly and discuss some minor issues that needed decisions taken. A very successful day was had, with lots of decisions taken.

8. Manifold Layout

Readers will know that we could not design or make the manifold until the cab, reverser, brake stand, and boiler were all in place. The ear;iest this could be done on the 23rd, so we invited Andy Bennett - who made the boiler, and will be making the manifold - to attend and to assist us in the ergonomics of the cab layout. Here is an image of the valves being laid out whilst the order was decided upon. The main steam valves need to be correctly located to make the operation of LYN easy and comfortable for the crew. Agreement was reached and Ian Gaylor will shortly prepare a drawing and schematic for Andy Bennett to make. Once the drawing has been prepared, Andy reckons it will take about four weeks to produce.

9. Cab Layout

It was difficult to photograph the inside of the cab, but these images show the hand brake stand and reverser in place and more or less correctly located. The reverser needs to come back about 40mm into the cab, but it gives the impression and it will be quite a spacious cab to work. Note the Firehole door mechanism temporarily in place. The coal plate and Firehole door are right at floor level. Not my favourite by any means. The fireman will have to bend a lot.

10. LYN's Lead Mine

New seams of lead have been mined recently with some coming from Devon and other contributions being delivered to AKL directly. Thank you very much for your assistance and generosity. Patrick will soon weigh what we have, but our gut feeling is that we are about three quarters of the weight needed. So if you have lead spare, LYN needs it!

11. Finally, Raffle Tickets

Sales are coming along well, but there are still plenty to sell. Please contact Jon Pain if you have not got yours yet.

Well that is more than enough for now. After all this excitement, the next couple of weeks will be spent taking it all apart again whilst we drill all of the permanent mounting holes and getting the boiler hydrauliced. This will be the start of the 10 year 'ticket' and we hope to do this either just before or just after Christmas. We will also want to complete the motion before we put the boiler back on whilst space is available. Once the boiler is on, there ain't much room!

More soon,


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