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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.49: February 2017

Dear All,

Here is the latest edition of LYNformation. The good news is that we are still on track to put a fire in LYN by late May or early June, and I am pleased to report more good progress with just a few setbacks this time.


GPCS stands for Gas Producer Combustion System, and is one of the many ingenious tweaks that our design team has built into LYN to make the locomotive more efficient, and to steam with less coal. It takes some of the exhaust gases from the blast pipe, and feeds them back into the ashpan to give a flow of hot gases to assist the combustion of the coal. This means the fireman has even more control of his fire. It may well take some getting used to but should give a considerable saving in coal.
The two main parts have recently been made by North Bay Railway in Scarborough. These images shows the manufacturing process to completion, and they are now safely at AKL.

2. Reach Rod

This tricky area has had all the team scratching their heads a bit, but it is now sorted! By a cunning minor re-design and tweaking the tank, the reverser and the cab, we have a solution that works without recourse to major surgery of the tank. It is difficult to show in pictures, but here are four that show the modification needed. Good work, boys!

3. Boiler Cladding

Richard Kempton has now trial fitted the boiler cladding with mixed results.

The three front sheets fitted nicely without much fettling and so did the bands. A nice neat job.

However, the firebox and backhead cladding were not so good. You can see that the cut-outs for the washout plugs were far out. Sadly, there seems to have been an error in the drawings as the cladding was made correctly. This is not a disaster but more of an inconvenience as the quickest way to overcome this is to start from scratch. The same goes for the backhead.

4. Steam Dome

With the boiler cladding in place, the opportunity of properly trial fitting the steam dome was made and I am pleased to say that it fitted perfectly and needs only minor sanding to give it a final smooth finish.

5. Sand Boxes

These were also trial fitted. The brackets were delivered loose, which allowed for any minor adjustments but none were needed. Richard welded up the brackets and they fitted perfectly with the boiler cladding. News from Brian Lloyd is that the patterns for the sand domes are finished and with the foundry.
Brian expects the domes to be completed by the end of February. Good news!

6. Cross Heads

The cross heads have been white-metalled and machined. The next stage is to assemble them, but we have discoverrd that the holes between the slippers and the bodies do not quite line up, by about 1 mm. We need to ream both holes out to the same size and then make 6 new pins. This has held up the assembly of the outside motion by about two weeks, but other stuff has been going on whilst the new pins are made.

7. Reverser

I hope that this is the last time I have to mention the reverser which had become the bane in Alan Keef's life!
At last, it is now fully finished, working, and ready for final positioning. Phew!

8. Tank Elbows

A small job that AKL have been working on is the elbows at the base of each tank that connect into the balance pipe slung under the boiler between the locomotive frames. When I photographed them, they had just started being made.

9. Ashpan

The ashpan was delivered just before Christmas, and a really fine job has been done by Altex Ltd. from Calne. The ashpan for LYN is a substantial piece of metal that doubles up as the GPCS jets as well as holding the firebars.
We need to add a few extra items like the damper doors and ashpan siding floor, but these will be made by Alan Keef over the next few weeks. Richard has trial fitted the ashpan to the boiler and it fits well. He has also trimmed up a few weld marks and inserted the cross member, all successfully.

10. Saddle

Readers will remember that we have had an issue of making the saddle and the smoke box fit. Well, I am pleased to say that between Phil Kent and Richard Kempton, they devised a way that reduced the work and lead to a good working solution. The issue was largely centred around the smokebox and where the weld line was. In a nutshell, the smokebox was round at the tubeplate end but slightly out of round at the smokebox door end. The solution was to ground out the saddle somewhat but mainly to cut about a 18" by 3" strip out of the smokebox, then trail fit and once the fit was right, re-insert a new strip which made a good seal. This has now been successfully completed and the boiler will now fit snuggly on the saddle.

11. Manifold

The manifold drawing has been completed and the order placed with Andy Bennett for its construction. Andy reckons that it will take about three or four weeks to make, so we will expect it to be delivered around the first week of March. Then we can start plumbing in earnest.

12. Cab

Finally, the cab needs some modifications. These will be carried out by AKL's local carpenter, and will allow space for the reach rod down the right-hand side, and space for the injector copper pipework down the left-hand side. Hopefully, these modifications will be done by early February. At the same time, a drawing has been done of the cab handles and these will be made by AKL over the next few weeks.

Good progress to report, but we need to keep on the task to prevent slippages or other delays. The end is in sight but I will be happier once the outside motion is complete!



See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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