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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.59: 22 August 2017

Dear LYN Supporters,

Well, it's not going to be long now! As I write this just before going to the Great Dorset Steam Rally, the lining of our beloved engine is being applied and she is beginning to look fabulous.

I hope you all can make it to the big launch!

So, here is the latest news:

1. Paint Progress

In this series of images taken by Geoff Hill, we can see the progress of applying the olive green. I don't want to spoil any lasting images, so they are cropped a little, deliberately!

After our successful test steaming, the engine was stripped down over a period of about a week, and the major components transferred into the paint shop in a precise order. This work was largely carried out by Richard and Jez, assisted by AKL staff.

2. Brick Arch

The formers have been completed and the actual brick arch cast. To make it easier to fit, and to reduce the weight of the segments, it has been manufactured in four sections. It will still be a squeeze to get inside the firebox and hang it on the supports.
The formers have also been delivered to AKL and will go with the engine when it heads west. The brick arch will not be fitted util it lands at Woody Bay.

3. New Oil Pots

We have now received our own GWR style oil pots. These were cast from a pattern held by Peter Robinson, owner of 3814, which is based on the NYMR. They were cast up there and machined by John Hancock. As you can see, they are now ready to go into the paint shop.

4. Coal space guards

One detail that we decided to add was the coal guards fitted to the back of the cab rear windows. There was something of a discussion as to whether to fit them or not. IN 1898, there was no toughened glass, so to protect the crew and avoid frequent breakages, framed seven-bar guards were added. Now we have super toughened glass, they are not strictly needed. All of our Cab windows are fitted with toughened glass. However, to retain the 'look' of LYN, we have decided to construct these guards as closely to the original design as possible. These have been made by Tyrone King of Woodchester and will be painted and assembled shortly.

5. Paperwork collation

Now we are getting the end of the project, a full set of paperwork needs to be 'handed over' to the L&B and inspected by their ICP (Independent Competent Person). This is something of a boring job, but very necessary. With drawings, we are up to five files!

6. More paintwork

We move on a week and these images were taken on Friday 18th August, again by Geoff Hill. In the main, they focus on the backhead and plumbing associated with the manifold. The cab area looks STUNNING, and the drivers will be under strict instructions NOT to dirty it.

7.Dummy Bolts

The original LYN had a series of bolts showing on both the front and rear buffer beams. Our method of construction and assembly does not call for a bolted frame, but for historic accuracy, we decided to replicate the original by making and fixing a series of dummy bolt heads.

The photographs show dummy bolts before painting, and fitted. They round off the appearance of the loco nicely.


8. Brick Arch supports

I include a drawing of the brick arch assembly that illustrates the brick arch supports. (See "Component of the Month" to sponsor them!) The whole assembly will be fitted once the loco gets to Woody Bay, but we need to construct the supports this week or next.

9. Handles and Steps

When the loco was being tested, and during the members day on the 8th July, we all commented about how the fireman can safely get to the tanks to take water without either falling or burning himself on a hot ejector pipe. We scratched our heads, and believe that the original crews may have had steps or a box to stand on.

We need to provide safe and practical solutions so that the process of taking water is easy and without undue hazards. To this extent, we have made a fitted a series of grab handles and an additional step so the fireman does not need to be 6' 11" to reach the tank step. We think these blend in well and do not spoil the appearance, especially now they are painted.


10. Even more painting and polishing

Now we move forward to Tuesday 22nd August, and the backhead is practically finished. Jez Kirkwood's son has been in to polish all of the new copper pipes, and LYN is beginning to look the part. All of the painting will be finished by the 25th August, with final assembling taking place early next week.

11. Lining Out

Gerald Whittaker has arrived, and is well on with lining out the loco. Here is just a taster of things to come...

12. Injectors

As many will know the new Metcalfe injectors worked beautifully up to 200 psi but were rather spluttery on higher pressures. We sent them back to Richard Metcalfe who has adjusted them and they are now back at AKL. They will be fitted and trialled again shortly.

I expect to do one final LYNformation, my 60th edition, just before the launch weekend. There are also a few last-minute odds and ends that we have needed, and these are or soon will be available on the "Sponsorship" page. Take a look and see if you can help finish off LYN.

Very nearly there now.

Excited, or what!


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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