762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Reward Programme

As a token of appreciation, contributors to the building of Lyn will be eligible to receive small rewards as they become available. These will be presented to Members and Parts sponsors, based on the following levels of contribution:

Over 1000 - Bronze Donors

Over 2000 - Silver Donors

Over 5000 - Gold Donors

Over 10,000 - Platinum Donors

Rewards will be calculated on a periodic basis. If any member requires their reward for a specific date then please email Jon Pain via the contacts page.

The names of All donors contributing over 5,000 will be included on a brass plate to be carried by the locomotive (unless individuals decide to contribute to the scheme anonymously).

All shareholders will be invited to "build progress" shows - look out for further details once building commences.

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