762 LYN and train approaching Woody Bay,  2004, Eric Leslie

The 762 Club - "Sponsor-a-Component" Scheme

This list of components are those currently available for sponsorship. Please click on the "Sponsor this" link and email us to find out how you can support the building of this unique locomotive.

When providing information, please ask any questions you have about the scheme, and let us know if you wish your contribution to remain anonymous.

Please note; if the item sponsored costs less than the amount donated, any surplus amount will be used towards the construction of the locomotive.

To date, Over £105,300 has been raised towards building LYN in this way.

762 LYN - Sponsorship Certificate 2 762 LYN - Sponsorship Certificate 1


One of two handsome certificates is available, on request, to acknowledge Sponsorship contributions.

The first (see left) has the iconic Eric Leslie image of Lyn being reassembled at Pilton after overhaul, the Second (see right) carries a stunning line drawing of Lyn by Peter Willmore.

To see our list of previously sponsored items, and "Roll of Honour" see HERE

  COMPONENT OF THE MONTH - The Last Piece of the Jigsaw

Roof Vent Roof Vent

Hi All,

As you will see from this page, there are no longer any more components to purchase. This is The FINAL COMPONENT!

After several years in storage, the cab was brought out and trial fitted last month. I revealed one or two jobs that needed to be done to make it fit and whilst we are doing this, we are taking the opportunity of finishing it off. One of the remaining tasks will be to fit a sliding roof. Steve Phillips has done the historical research and made the drawings based on photographs that shows what the original LYN had.

Steve commented as follows:
"Based on available historic photos (not many that show the roof in any detail sadly), with detail from LEW works drawings (which strangely is shown upside down on the official SR drawings).
In theory this should not leak, and should be fairly smooth sliding.
Some adjustment will be required on fitting, possibly with shims under the runners to get a good sliding fit.
Runners and shutter should all be curved to match roof radius. Some grease may be required once assembled.
Handle based on photo. The MWs had a similar T handle when extra vents were added, the MW originals were U shaped. LYN has one bolt suggesting a 'T' handle.
The handle also acts as a stop both ways.
Whole assembly should be self-supporting as regards the planked roof."

The work can be done by Patrick Keef's carpenter, who is addressing the other modification to LYN's cab, so the cost should not be too much.

Let's say £1,500


Sponsor The FINAL Component of the Month!


With the success of our recent sponsorship drives, we are currently approaching the end of the procurement phase for LYN. Just the one item above to be sponsored,

That is about it! A complete engine, now we just need to finish assembling it. I am reluctant to say it is all now bought and paid for just in case some part has slipped through the net. But as of now, and apart from the cab roof and hatch, we have done it! Thank you one and all. Your hugely generous sponsorship of parts has been an inspiration.


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