762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Sponsors' Roll of Honour: Firebox side stays

This Roll of honour lists the firebox side stays that have been sponsored so far, together with the names of those who have supported the 762 Club in this way.

To see our list of currently available sponsored items, see HERE

Component Description Number
Sponsored by:
Firebox Side Stay 308 14 Martin Andrews
David Alborough (x2)
Paul Bates (x2)
James Bloomfield (x10)
J. A. Boot
D. Briggs
K. Brown (x2)
Stephey Bunney (x2)
H. B. Butterworth (x2)
Kevin Byrne (x3)
L. R. Carpenter (x7)
Roger Casling (x5)
R. A. Castle (x17)
R. G. H. Chapman (x2)
Peter Colley (x2)
Martyn de Young
Mr Denyer (x2)
Ian Douglas
David Eva
P. Ford (x2)
Euan Fyfe (x2)
Peter Gannaway (x4)
F. C. Garwood
M. J. Heeley (x2)
R. Hemming (x2)
Mr & Mrs A. Hewitt (x2)
M. C. Hillard (x7)
Martin Holloway (x2)
Dr Graham Howe (x7)
David Josey (x7)
A. Kewish (x4)
Mrs K. J. Lacey (x2)
Tim Lewis (x2)
Doug Mills (x7)
J. Mitchell (x2)
Keith Morton (x10)
David Nursaw (x2)
Jon Pain (x2)
Hugh Pead (x4)
J. L. Read (x10)
D. Robinson
Michael Searle
P. Shepherd
J. Sherratt (x5)
E. J. Shorney (x5)
Mr G. Slatter
Ian Standfast (x2)
Roger Sumner (x2)
Leslie Trill (x2)
A. A. Turner (x2)
K. E. Tyler
Paul Warr
R. P. Weaver (x2)
J. B. West (x2)
P. Westcott
S. J. Williams (x5)

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