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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.51: April 2017

Welcome to the 51st edition of LYNformation. Much good activity has been carried out in the past four weeks, so here are the latest updates:

1. Right-Hand Cylinder cladding

Richard Kempton finished off the right-hand cylinder cladding in the early part of March, and very smooth and smart it looks too. All of the welds have been made and filled, as well as the accurate fitting of the casting that sits on top. It was a shame that it took such a long time, but it has been one of the most challenging items to contend with.

2. Rear Coupling

This item was painted and ready for fitting in early March, waiting for the engine to be moved slightly forward to give enough access at the back of the locomotive.

3. Front Coupling and Cow Catcher

These items were fitted, painted and are now finally in position. It is a very iconic part of the engine and looks great.

4. Brake Components

These were all painted in the second week of March, and were just beside the engine when I visited.

5. Gas Producer Combustion system

The valves were made some time ago and Richard planned out the pipe runs ready for Tony Conway, our volunteer welder to come and weld them late on in the month. A repeating theme will be "there is not much room", and for the GPCS pipework, there really isn't! Still, Richard has found a way, and Tony will weld it up.

6. Left-Hand Cylinder Cover

This item was also finished and the image shows it in situ on the locomotive. Both cylinder cladding were then removed for painting.

7. Ashpan components

Not a very sexy photograph, but they are just a brief reminder that Alan Keef and Sons had to made the final bits of the ashpan and they are well on with these.

8. Cab Roofing

In Mid-March, the cab made a short journey to the works of T.R. King in Woodchester, who will be responsible for the steel roof and cab hatch. Both of these jobs should be completed by Easter or thereabouts.

9. Sand Dome

We now fast-forward to 24th March, when I delivered the sand domes to Ross-on-Wye. As soon as I drove up, the team were anxious to get them from the back of my car and trial fit them. The best radius to use was the smokebox (which mirrors the radius of the cladding) and as you can see, they were a terrific fit. Well done to the Bristol team of Brian Lloyd and Mark at the foundry for producing a first class result.

10. Weight Box

There was a slight error in the design of the weight box that necessitated the box being corrected. This has now been done and as you can see, it fits the spaces between the frames nicely.

11. Inside Motion

It is a rather poor photograph, but it is trying to show that all of the inside motion has been painted and assembled, bar the lubrication feed to the die blocks. This is a major step forward and rounds off a long struggle to get all of the parts in place.

12. Front Brake Gear Assembly

Much of the brake assembly has now been hung and finally fitted. We will not have to touch the front 2/3rds of the brake gear again and so it is in its final position. Also fitted are the steam brake cylinders. All of the brake gear is very tight and we encountered an issue with the rear brake pull rods, which fouled the balance weights of the rear driving wheels. Ouch! A lot of head scratching will be needed to resolve this issue!

13. Rear Coupling and Cow catcher

Are both in place and fitted for the final time. Space is at a premium to photograph these items, but hopefully you will get the idea!

14. Main Brake Shaft

This item was trial fitted and photographed in situ. It can only be permanently fitted after the boiler has been finally fitted and then it is a very tight fit. This image will be impossible shortly and it may be the last EVER picture of this large lump of steel.

15. Piston Rod

The piston rods have been made, and will soon be fitted onto the piston heads. Holding this gleaming work of art, as if holding a large fish, is Patrick Keef. What a beauty! (The rod that is, not Patrick!)

16. Valve Rod Cleavis

Two valve rod cleaves needed to be made, and have been delivered ready to assemble once the valves have been put together and fitted.

17. Cylinder Cladding Painting

The final shots were taken in the paint shop, where the cylinder and valve cladding have been undercoated.
Quite a lot has been done in the past month, and the pace is accelerating. A decision on the first steam date will be taken around Easter, and we are hopeful it will be in late May or early June. Richard is busy on the outside motion and is well on with it now. Tony Conway has this week completed the welding of the GPCS pipework, and the manifold is coming together well at Andy Bennett's. Alan Keef are busy on the valve rods and should dovetail into the outside motion work.

Now that the boiler has successfully passed the hydraulic test, it will be put into the frames on 5th April for marking out the smokebox to saddle holes. Then we can assess the issues with the brake rodding and how to solve this problem.

If all goes well, I will try and do a new LYNformation in mid to late April as so much is going on now.

Exciting, eh?


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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