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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.54: 25 May 2017

Dear All,

I am trying to increase the frequency of LYNformation to one every two weeks until we finish the job, so here is the latest news up to and including 25th May.

1. Main Steam Pipes

Although I featured a little section on the main steam pipes last edition, here is a more thorough report now that they have all been finished and are in place.
The pipes connect the saddle to the superheater header and is where the main steam feed flows from the superheaters to the cylinders. They take full steam pressure and need to be right. Also, it is important not to create tight bends to allow the steam to flow. The starting point is the four flanges and their associated lense rings. The rings were made by Alan Keef Ltd. and the flanges by Nigel Heath. They were 'mated' and blued, and all fitted a treat first time. Then the pipes are fabricated and tacked together to make sure the radius and bends do not foul anything else, before being welded and installed. All of the pipework has been expertly completed by Tony Conway.

2. Domes

Whilst the lagging was temporarily in place, the opportunity was taken to trial-fit all three domes. I am pleased to say that all fit extremely well and very little fettling was needed. They have been drilled and tapped internally to secure them to the cladding. They look terrific.

3. Tank Elbows

A small snag became apparent in that the tank elbows were slightly too deep. To overcome this small issue, an angle was put into the flange to align the outlet with the balance pipe, and both now fit perfectly.

4. Tank Cutouts

We are trying very hard to make LYN look the part and to create a Victorian feel about her. As we were trialling the non-return valve and ball valve to shut off the water feed to the boiler (known as a clack valve), it became apparent that the new valves looked horribly out of place. This was particularly so as they were almost at eye level and it was obvious that something needed doing about this. The solution was to cut two smallish inserts into the back of the tanks to hide the valves but still to give sufficient access to operate and service them. The images show the problem and the solution well to being completed. The next time Tony Conway visits, he will weld them up neatly.

5. Vacuum Ejector Exhaust

This has been carefully constructed by Richard Kempton and Tony Conway, and has been expertly fitted. A beautiful job!

6. Smokebox Complete

So, here is an image of the complete smokebox assembled and ready to go. The spark arrestor was removed just to take this image.

7. Sandbox Weirs

The sandbox has been fitted and is good. This image shows (not very well) the hole where the weir will be fitted and a flexible rubber hose attached to take the sand down to the sand jets.

8. Steam Brake

Now the manifold is here, we can fabricate the bracket to support the steam brake valve. The valve has been measured, the profile drawn and ordered. It should be fitted in the next week or two.
Now, we move on just six days to the 25th May, and ...

9. OMG, where has my engine gone!!!

From a near-complete engine on Friday to this. What is going on!!!

Just teasing! Actually, this final strip-down was entirely planned and necessary as we start the huge job of plumbing the engine and other final jobs on the frame and brakes that simply will not be accessible with the boiler on.

10. Ashpan

One of these jobs is completion of the ashpan and it's doors, stops and linkage. Here are some views of the mechanism and doors. It may be the last time we can see all of this, as it will be a beast to get out once the boiler is on.

11. Mechanical Lubricator

As you can see, the mechanical lubricator has been carefully and skilfully fitted on a discreet bracket. There is a dust cover over it and also the linkage has been made and fitted onto one of the eccentric rods. It has been turned and all works well. Now the complicated task of plumbing the lubrication pipework begins.

12. Cylinder Drain Cock Plumbing

The drain cocks are the first parts that need plumbing. A steam-line from the manifold will run down the right side of the locomotive before dividing into left and right sides, before being teed off to each drain cock. Jez started this process today and was well on with it. It needs to be neat and tidy as well as safe.

13. Brake Shaft

The final keyway slots are being machined now that all the brake gear has been trial-fitted.

14. And Finally - Name those Legs!

In fact it is Richard Kempton blueing the header steam ports. Another job done.

I am sure members will know by now we are working very hard to finish the engine by 8th July, so that we can invite members and selected press to view LYN in steam.

Richard and Jez are working eleven hours a day to make this happen. We are on target as of today, but have little or no slack. I will keep you all informed of progress.



See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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