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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.57: 29 June 2017

Dear All,

This LYNformation will be the last before LYN first steams, and takes us up to and including the 29th June 2017. I will still be doing a couple of more newsletters up to the official launch at Woody Bay on 30th September, but far less frequently as LYN has her make up applied. So here goes:

The first images were taken on Tuesday 20th June:

1. Return Spring

This spring attaches to the weigh shaft and gives some balance to the inside valve assembly. Without it, it would be more or less impossible to operate the reverser, and provides balance to the whole valve assembly. After a late change in direction, we have gone for a more traditional arrangement, and here are two shots of the assembly just prior to assembly. It is now all in and working satisfactorily. It is located behind the right hand tank, so will rarely been seen.

2. More painting

As components get ready for final fitting, they visit the paint shop, supervised by master painter, Terry. Here is shown the cylinder cladding going through the process.

3. Safety Valves

These new valves have been fitted and are pre-set, so should pop at the correct specification, 250 psi. We will need to make a simple shroud over the valves to that the steam exits the dome, rather than swirling around the valves and internal dome space.

4. Andy Bennett

Our boiler maker and manifold builder, Andy Bennett made a final visit to weld on the manifold supports. Here he is busy with the task.

5. Manifold Support Bosses

To anchor the manifold, we have welded on to the side of the boiler several bosses, into which the supports fit.

6. Jez Kirkwood

One of 762 Stars has been Jez Kirkwood, who has been working for a couple of days a week for the past six weeks. Here, Jez was holding the boiler makers plate, whilst Andy Bennett welded it on. It looks like poor old Jez is having his arm welded on to the backhead!

7. General View as of 20th June

Here are two shots of the extent of progress as of 20th June. One from the back and one of the smokebox.

Now we move onto Friday 23rd June:

8. Drain Cock Tails

The cylinder drain cock tails have been made by Jez and fitted. These are where the released steam escapes when the cocks are open.

9. Cab

The cab has had a coat of primer all over, and is ready to go on the loco. The roof has also been removed, so that the wood could be primed. It will now be screwed down and the sliding hatch finally fixed.

10. Cylinders

AKL are busy doing the final assembly of the outside motion and the valves and pistons. All of the components are in stock, and within the next day or three, the motion will be complete. You will notice that the cladding is now being fitted, now they are all painted.

11. More Plumbing

The big drive is to have the injectors plumbed in, and we have called in the services of Bill Collins to do the large bore copper pipework. This in particular involves the injectors and the steam brake. Here are a selection of images showing the progress as of 23rd June.

On to Tuesday 27th June and Thursday 29th June:

12. Valves and Pistons

The assembly of these items is progressing and the valve rings have all been gapped, ready for installation. The piston is inserted for final checking and it was noticed that it was slightly oversize so 0.005 is going to be machined off before the piston rings are finally fitted.

13. Steam Brake

This assembly is now all complete, fitted, plumbed and even tested on air. It is a brilliantly neat job done by Richard and Bill Collins. A real work of art.

14. Cab controls

The levers for the water valves for the injector and the damper door handles have been made and are virtually complete. This has taken place now that the injector plumbing is complete and ready to receive steam and water.

15. Coupling Rods

These are now being finally fitted. The roller bearings have been inserted and the various small components that secure them assembled. A special tool has been made to assemble them, and by the end of the 29th June, both rods will be permanently on. The next phase is to fit the valves and pistons.

16. And finally... More Painting!

So, with only nine days to go until our members steaming day, there is still a lot to do, but everyone is quietly confident.

Please bear in mind that next week will be fraught and very, very busy, so no visitors will be allowed on site umtil 8th July.

Also, please remember that LYN will (hopefully!) be in steam and moving up and down a very short length of track. She is in a mixture of undercoat, primer or even bare metal, so please mentally prepare yourself for a working engine but not a finished engine. LYN will be in her underwear!


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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