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Aware that much development has been going on in the background, but little has been seen in public, and also that the pace of development is gradually increasing, the 762 Club introduced this on-line update feature in early 2013. This page, updated around once a month, will provide brief news snippets, images and general "Lynformation" on our progress. Please come back regularly for the latest updates.

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LYNformation Bulletin No.60: Monday 11 September 2017

Dear 762 Club members and supporters,

This makes my 60th and final LYNformation. I hope that this (roughly) monthly newsletter has kept you informed and occasionally amused as we covered five years in the building of LYN.

I am proud to say she is finished and ready to be moved to Woody Bay next week. But lots of final stuff to tell you about!

1. Alan Keef Limited Builder's Plate

After much thought, we decided to break slightly with tradition and make the works date 2017, rather than the date when the frames were laid down. Also, technically, the frames were made by three different companies, so perhaps the plate might have been from Babcock's or Lowther's, but in the end, it was Alan Keef Limited who assembled the frames and then went on to finish the engine, so we bestowed the honour to Alan Keef Limited. LYN is their 92nd new-build locomotive.

2. Name Plate

Here are two images, one of each side of the loco. One has a plate fitted, the other is still waiting for the plate to be completed. We are promised it will be there on the day!

3. Locomotive Instruction Plate

This was made ages ago and has featured in a LYNformation, but here it is again, in its final resting place. Drivers please read it!

4. Rear Number Plate

Can you see it? Not really is the answer, but it is in its correct location, and was apparently always lurking behind the vacuum pipe.

5. Coal Space Cab Glass Protector

These two grilles have been expertly made by Tyrone King from Woodchester. They are very close to the originals and blend in very nicely.

6. Safety Valves Lifting

Such is the efficiency of the safety valves, it takes a really good fire and blower hard on to get both valves lifting at the same time.

Nonetheless, we had to demonstrate to the boiler inspector that both were working. The noise was quite impressive!

However we did not solve the issue of getting the injectors working at 250 psi. They had been back to the manufacturer, who made some adjustments, but when tested only improved reliable performance to about 230 psi.

Sadly, we decided to take the precaution of making sure we had a locomotive in ticket but getting a new pair of safety valves set at 200 psi. These were purchased and flown over from the USA in time for the big day. They work well as do the injectors, so we passed the steam test. 200 psi will be more than adequate for current L&B requirements, but when LYN ventures out on longer railways, we will need to get the boiler up to full pressure, so this work will need to done in a quiet time over the winter.


7. Slacker Pipe

LYN has all mod cons for the crew, and a slacker pipe has been neatly installed to the left of the hand brake column. It is a perfect space for the hose, so there will be NO excuses for a dirty cab floor!

8. Lamp Bracket

We have followed the style of the original LYN, placing lamp brackets on the front and rear of the locomotive. In due course, replica lamps will be constructed.

9. Front Buffer Beam

Here you can see the newly painted and lined front buffer beam. Note the dummy bolt heads that although quite expensive to make, fit and paint, finishes off the original appearance.

10. Rear Buffer Beam

Again, this image show the back buffer beam and with its newly fitted dummy bolt heads. I hope you agree, it looks really special.

11. Cab Valve Handles

Jim and Helen Shackell have transformed our modern and functional steam valve handles to make them look 'historic'. They have done a really brilliant job. Note that every screw head is perfectly in line, they really set the cab controls off.

12. Door Handles

All of the door and window furniture has been added and they look very well.

13. Cab Windows

Our Chairman, Peter Miles came down the other week and applied some special Danish varnish to the wooden window frames. Then, all were fitted and placed in their runners. We may need to adjust some of the stops when the engine faces the first Devon Gales, but they look splendid.

14. Lining Out

Gerald Whittaker and his good lady wife completed the lining on the 25th August. We hope everyone likes the result of their efforts. I think we have got it just right but then paint colour and lining is very much a matter of opinion.

15. Cab Controls

Here are a couple of general shots of the finished cab. The crews will love the good layout and spaciousness of the working area. It will be a real pleasure to fire and drive. There is plenty of room for three on the footplate.

16. Rear End

LYN has a perfectly rounded rear end, and can be proud of how she looks from the back as well as the front. A real bobby dazzler!

17. Whistle Controls

As you know, we have two whistles. One of these comes from a pattern made using Baldwin 1898 drawings of the whistles used on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia and which might have been similar to the whistle used on the original LYN.

The second one is fitted in the cab roof space. The Aussie whistle gives a lovely loud deep tone, whilst the cab whistle is a bit higher pitch. The cab whistle is operated by a lanyard made and fitted for us by Alan Keef, whilst the Aussie whistle has a crank with a push/pull button. Both are quick and easy for the crews to operate.


18. Boiler Inspectors

Here is Frank Ruffle photographed beside LYN, just after he had signed off LYN with a steam test certificate on Thursday 7th September. This was the day that LYN truly came alive and ready for traffic.

19. And Finally...

Here she is, The beautiful and finished LYN!

So what happens now?

Well, on Friday 8th, Alan Keef Limited staff had a final celebration and official works photographs were taken of the engine and the AKL team. This was done by 762 Stalwart, Geoff Hill.

Sometime shortly, LYN will be delivered to North Devon. We will need to fit the brick arch, then weigh the locomotive when full of water and coal. To do this, LYN will need to be on a pit and two of Alan Keef engineers will be in attendance. She will also need to be passed off by our Independent Competent Person (ICP). If this all goes well, then we hand her over to the L&B's ICP, who will repeat the same process. If both inspectors are happy, and she has run-in well, then she will be handed over to the L&B to begin crew training.

Hopefully, by the time the 29th September comes round, she will be good to go...

Before I sign off, I would like to draw all members attention to the sterling work of our web master, Martyn de Young. Martyn has promptly, efficiently and professionally been the 762 Club's web master over the past eight years and has done a brilliant job. Thanks, Martyn!

Also I would like to say Thank you to our Company Secretary, administrator, coordinator, fund-raiser and general good bloke, Jon Pain. Jon's work behind the scenes has been fantastic and his enthusiasm for the project has never flagged even when I spend all of the money in the bank and more! Jon's contribution to the project has been immense.

Ably assisted by Director Martin Swainson, Chairman Peter Miles and my predecessor, Jeremy Martin, LYN has been built by a handful of dedicated souls. The final thank you needs to go out to you, our ever generous members and sponsors. We have raised over £625,000 and now only need about £25,000 left to pay the final bills and repay some loans taken out. In the main, our fund raising kept pace with the build, so the flow through the assembly process was smooth and seamless.

My work as Project Manager is now complete (well it will be by 30th September), so will sign off. I have two engines of my own to complete in 2018 but will keep in close contact with LYN. As the 762 Club has worked so well in building a new steam locomotive, who knows we might do it again sometime...

See you all on 29th September.


See the current and archived versions of LYNformation here:

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