762 LYN, Woody Bay, October 2017

The 762 Club - Questions and Answers

The 762 Club project to build a replica Baldwin 2-4-2 locomotive is unique in many ways.

Many Club Members and other enthusiasts have questions about the original locomotive, the project, the L&B Railway and any number of other aspects of what we are trying to do. To find out the answer, simple EMAIL us with your question, and we will endeavour to answer it, and compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions to appear on this page.


How many members are there?
There will be a maximum of 350 Members, who will eventually own, maintain and operate the locomotive. The number so far signed up can be seen on the LYN-o-meter on the Membership page.

How do I find answers to my questions?
Simply email your question using the link at the top of this page. We will reply to you as soon as we can, and may also add your question — and our answer &mdash to these FAQs.

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